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									4 Tips To Increase
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Aside from being a fun hobby, what is the point of having a blog? The
answer is to draw readers. Whether you are selling advertising, a product, or
just your own set of ideas, you want as large a readership as possible with
most blogs. So if that is the case, then it is important to know how to draw
readers to your blog. There are a number of ways to increase the readership
of your blog. Here are four tips that will help you to increase your blog
readership that are easy to do and will definitely pay off for you.

First of all, to increase readership you would want to increase the number of
pages each reader is seeing. You don’t want to be judged only on your last
post, but rather on the whole of your work. To that end, try highlighting
related posts within your blog. At the end of an article, highlight posts that
may be of interest to those who like the current post. Most blog platforms
are fitted with plug-ins that will help you with this, but if they are not, then
go ahead and at least list the links to other pages manually. Another similar
idea is to highlight the related posts within the content of your post. If you
are talking about a subject you have discussed before, link off of one of the
keywords into the past post that is related. This will also help a past post to
maintain its freshness.

A second tip for increasing your blog readership is to think about doing a
series. A series is a great way to keep a reader coming back again and again.
In addition, if you are linking back, you can get readers looking at multiple
posts even after you are done with the series. Be careful when doing a
series, because you do not want to frustrate readers. However, if you have a
topic you genuinely think you should handle over a period of time, then a
series can really help your overall readership. If you are curious as to
whether or not a series is working for your blog, then check posts. See if
readers are posting through the series to see if they are following you. If
they are, then your series is a success and you are only helping your blog
Another way to increase readership is a little more “controversial” if you will.
You can try putting excerpts on the front page of your blog from certain
posts. Many people claim it is just a way to get more hits on your site. The
truth is that extra hits are a little side benefit of it, but the real value is that it
can make your site more engaging. By adding excerpts to the front page you
can manage the front and keep it fresh while also teasing those who get that
far into reading more than just your most recent blog post. This will
encourage a prospective reader to explore your blog site a little more than
they may have normally. Again, you want to be judged by the whole of your
work, or at least by a larger piece of your work than just one post and this
will do that. If your writing is up to par, then, you will see a rise in your

Finally, if you really want to build and increase readership, you have to have
good quality content. It should be useful, original, and interesting to your
target audience as well as keeping them wanting more of the same. The
more you raise the quality of your blog’s content, the more you will see your
membership, readership, and page hits go up without even having to use
any other “tricks.” People know what they like and they like quality for the
most part. Giving the readers what they are after is probably the best way
possible to increase your blog readership.

Having a blog can not only be fun, but if you are doing it right it can also be
profitable. Either way, though, you want to maintain and increase a
following, or readership. There are as many tips out there to increase blog
readership as there are blogs, but to really get things going, consider using
these four tips. Follow them and you will see your readership grow.
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