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The Boy Who Loved Batman by P-ChronicleBooks


A lavishly illustrated memoir about a boy who loved Batman and would grow up to turn his passion for the caped crusader into a vision of the Dark Knight, and ultimately one of the most successful pop culture franchises of all time. When he was eight, Michael Uslan fell in love with the comic book character known as Batman. He watched unhappily as the dark, serious superhero he knew and loved was turned into a campy goofball in the '60s TV show starring Adam West, and in 1979 he purchased the film rights to Batman with the goal of realizing his infinitely cooler vision of the caped crusader. After ten years of desparately pitching a film that no one wanted, he sold and then produced Tim Burton's critically acclaimed and phenomonally popular re-telling of Batman. Twenty years later, having produced every Batman film to date, Ulsan finally brought his full vision of Batman to the screen with THE DARK KNIGHT. The decades in between were fraught with heartache and hilarity, tears and turmoil, adventure and misadventure. Michael, a consummate story-teller, recounts his story here, in a memoir that will draw in comics and movie fans, pop culture enthusiasts, film students, and of course, all the boys and girls (of all ages) throughout the world who love Batman.

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