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					                                                                                                          Cessnock High School

                                     Cessnock High
                                      School News
Special items
to look for:                               March 2011                                                                           Semester 1

Library News,                   Principal’s Message
  what’s new in
                                       Positive Behaviour for Learn-        canteen. During this term we         Cessnock High School is ex-
  our Library                          ing (PBL) is an innovative ap-       will saturate the teaching and       periencing success with PBL.
                                       proach to student behaviour          learning in all of these settings.   We are very proud to be part
Wrap up from                         that has been operating in our
                                                                            Cessnock High School is the
                                                                                                                 of the Cessnock Community
  Cessnock                             school for three years. Cess-
                                                                            only high school in the
                                                                                                                 of Great Public Schools –
                                       nock High School is one of                                                where all sixteen public
  Show                                 only a few schools in the
                                                                            Hunter/Central Coast Region
                                                                                                                 schools are PBL schools.
                                                                            to be invited to teach their
                                       Hunter/Central Coast Region                                               Cessnock High School is also
                                                                            expectations in individual
Aboriginal                           that is a PBL school.
                                                                            classrooms. Our school has
                                                                                                                 very proud to be part of the
                                                                                                                 Hunter/Central Coast Re-
  News                                 We have identified three key         also been invited to launch a
                                                                                                                 gion’s success through PBL
                                       expectations, called universals.     special program called “Non-
                                                                                                                 whereby PBL high schools
International                        These expectations are RE-           Respectful Behaviour”, which
                                                                                                                 have experienced reductions
                                       SPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and           teaches students to effectively
  Women’s Day                          READY TO LEARN. Through              manage and disempower bul-
                                                                                                                 in student suspensions com-
                                                                                                                 pared to non-PBL high schools
                                       PBL we teach students appro-         lies.
                                                                                                                 where student suspension
                                       priate behaviour in just the
                                                                            PBL concentrates on the              rates have risen.
                                       same way as we teach stu-
                                                                            teaching of positive behaviours
                                       dents in their subjects. These                                            Parents are encouraged to
Inside this issue:                                                          because the more you con-
                                       expectations are the three                                                support their school by ex-
                                                                            centrate on a behaviour, the
                       Page            “Rs”, and they are taught in all                                          pecting their children to live
                                                                            more of that behaviour you
International                          settings of the school. We                                                up to the expectations of us
Women’s Day            2               have taught these expecta-
                                                                            experience. Furthermore, PBL
                                                                            rewards positive behaviours
                                                                                                                 all – respect, responsibility,
                                       tions in the corridors, the bus                                           and ready to learn.
                                                                            with three draws on every
                                       lines, the toilets, the play-
Aboriginal News        2               ground, the oval, and the
                                                                            Tuesday assembly.                    Ian Scanlon

What’s Happening       2
                                  Cessnock High School Community
StarsStruck            3      In April, 1968 Robert Kennedy
                              addressed a very hostile crowd in
                                                                        Recently there have been a number
                                                                        of violent incidents at our school
                                                                                                                  sion; what we need in Cessnock is
                                                                                                                  not hatred; what we need in Cess-
                              Indianapolis and told them that Dr        and some people have wondered             nock is not violence or lawlessness,
Cessnock Show          3      Martin Luther King Jr. had been
                              shot and killed earlier that day. In
                                                                        aloud ‘What is wrong with that
                                                                        school”. The answer is nothing;
                                                                                                                  but love and wisdom, and compas-
                                                                                                                  sion toward one another and a feel-
                              the days that followed riots broke        Cessnock High School has a long           ing of justice towards those that still
                              out in over 70 cities across Amer-        and proud tradition of service to         suffer in our town and our country,
Library News           3      ica and many people were killed,          its community but like any school it      whether they be rich or poor or
                              but not in Indianapolis and many          is a reflection of its community.         whatever their race or creed.’ The
                              people credit the speech given by         People who behave in foolish and          purpose of civilisation and education
The Back Page, Sport
Sport, Sport.          4      Robert Kennedy as being largely
                              responsible for maintaining peace
                                                                        violent ways are not creations of
                                                                        their school but rather their com-
                                                                                                                  is to tame the savageness of man and
                                                                                                                  to make gentle the life of this world.
                              and calm.                                 munity and this is what makes             Perhaps if we all take a moment and
                                                                        schoolyard violence so sad. To            work together, together we can all
                              Robert Kennedy spoke about is-
                                                                        paraphrase Robert Kennedy, ‘What          move a step closer to that goal.
                              sues and violence in our communi-
                                                                        we need in Cessnock is not divi-
                              ties that are still relevant today.                                                 Mr Rathborne
Cessnock High
School News                     The International Women’s Day
                                  Tuesday 8th March was Interna-       Cessnock High School” said       some of the afternoon tea
                                  tional Women’s Day. An after-        Ms Cochrane.                     items.
                                  noon tea was held in
                                  the MPC for local suc-
                                  cessful women.

                                  50 local women at-
                                  tended the event, dona-
                                  tions went to the
                                  “Everything is a Benefit” charity    Following the presentations, a   Hopefully a tradition can be
                                  to support women in the De-          delicious afternoon tea was      borne from this first celebration
                                  mocratic Republic of Congo. In       held which was enjoyed im-       of International Women’s Day
                                  total $512 was raised.               mensely by the visitors and      and the event on the Cessnock
                                                                       students.                        High School calendar will be-
                                  The girls each spoke to the audi-
                                                                                                        come even bigger and attract
                                  ence about a book they were          We had great support from
                                                                                                        more successful women from
                                  studying in Legal Studies about a    local businesses in particular
“This was a fantastic             successful woman. “It was a          KFC, Stuart and Dunn Office
                                                                                                        the area.

                                  fantastic afternoon, showcasing      Choice and Endota Spa donat-     Chantel
                                  the talents of the students from     ing raffle items and providing   Cochrane

showcasing the                  Aboriginal News
                                   Our Vibe 3on3 Basketball day        Day celebrations.                they also require parental involve-
talents of the                     was a great success. Our Year                                        ment. Dates to be advised.
                                                                       There will be a Junior
                                   7 boys; Ashton, Ricky, Zavia,
                                                                       (Aboriginal Educational Con-     Kerrie Roberts AEW
students from                      Josh, Des and Eliot won their
                                                                       sultative Group) AECG meet-
                                                                                                        Deborah Falconer Co-Ordinator
                                   year event as did our Year 9
                                                                       ing on Monday 21st March.
                                   boys; Josh, Jayden and David.
                                                                       Any enquiries please feel free
Cessnock High                      Our girls; Sara, Tiarni, Breanna,
                                                                       to come up or phone, the
                                   Jazmine, Cora-May won the art
                                                                       door is always open to par-
School.”                           competition.
                                                                       ents/carers and students.
                                   Some of our students are doing
                                                                       We will be starting to do our
                                   a GATS (gifted and talented)
Ms Cochrane                                                            Personalised Learning Plans
                                   program involving Art for Rec-
                                                                       (PLPs) with our students and
                                   onciliation Week and Harmony

                                What’s happening at CHS
                                       Preparing for                          NAPLAN                        Rotary Youth
                                       Cows Create                            TESTING                        Exchange
                                         Careers                              10-12th May               Rotary Youth Exchange are
                                                                       NAPLAN testing will take         looking for applicants for
                                   The newest additions to our farm
                                                                       place early in Term 2.           travel overseas for 12 months
                                   arrived last week. Three jersey
                                   calves are getting to know the      This is for students in Years    in January 2012.
                                   students and becoming familiar      7 and 9 for Literacy and Nu-     You should be 15-18 years old,
                                   with being handled, cared for and   meracy Assessment and is         in year 10 or 12 in 2011.
      Lauren Perkins, Macia        receiving plenty of attention.      run nationally.
      Borowiec and Emily Mugridge                                                                       For further information please
      with their new friends.     Watch future newsletters for         Further information may be       contact
                                   further developments as we get      obtained by contacting Mr
                                   closer to preparing our next roll   Atkinson or Mr Lane or by
                                                                                                        date for
                                   out of submissions for Cows         accessing the website:
Page 2                             Create Careers.
                                                                             is April 1st,
                                                                                                                       Semester 1
  Students from Cessnock High
                                       Peppermint slice—Luke Mundine
  School Food Technology repre-        and Cassandra Roberts
  sented our school extremely          Brownie slice—Lisa Simpson and
  well at the Cessnock Show.           Crystal Hodgins.
  Our students’ cooking was            It was great to see the students
  judged in categories of Choco-       from Cessnock High at the judging
  late cake and Madeira cake,          and taking in all of the hints/tips
  slices and brownies. “The            provided by the judge.
  judges were most impressed
                                       Some of the students have already
  with the efforts of our students,
                                       shown an interest in entering the
  especially considering this was
                                       Newcastle Show competition.
  the first show that they had
  cooked for” said Mrs Screen.         Well done to our Food Technol-
                                       ogy teachers Mrs Screen and Ms
  We received the following first
                                       Hopkins, and congratulations to all
  place awards: Chocolate cake—
                                       of the students that were involved
  Maddison King
                                       in the competition. Mrs Screen.
  Vanilla butter cake—Katie Ross
  and Bethany King

StarStruck                                                                                                        “The judges (at
  The team for StarStruck has         has been doing a fantastic job.   their routine on assembly in the
  this year been selected from        The girls are Tia Smith, Jordan   coming weeks as a preview for
  years 8-10, practise has been       Short, Jessica Thompson,          the school.
                                                                                                                  Cessnock Show)
  taking place at sport time and      Chenae Petersen, Candy
                                                                        At press, the girls were still waiting
  lunch time.                         Hughes, Claire Vernon, Mon-
                                                                        to find out from StarStruck if they             were most
                                      quie Cameron, Brianna Dunni-
  The girls have been working                                           were successful in their audition
                                      cliff, Jordan Dwyer, Emily
  extremely hard, learning the
                                      Howard, Lauren McGowan,
                                                                        video.                                     impressed with
  choreography, getting organ-
                                      Kristin Butcher, Kahlan Frost,
  ised with costumes etc.
                                      Emily Fairley, Samantha Butch-                                             the efforts of our
  Miss Thompson is this year          ers, Kellie Drummond and
  leading the dancers through         Georgina Curry.
  their practise sessions and she                                                                                       students.”
                                      The girls will be performing

                                                                                                                      Mrs Screen
Library News
         What’s New                          What’s New                           What’s New
        Senior Fiction                      Junior Fiction
  We have a number of new             Our library now has the com-
                                                                          New books continue to arrive
  Ancient History books, lots of      plete series of “Diary of a
                                                                          this month, so drop in and
  stuff about Ancient Rome—in         Wimpy Kid”. All five books
                                                                          have a look.
  the closed reserve section.         are available downstairs in the
  Senior students are welcome         RIBIT humour (green sticker)        There are also lots of board
  to borrow these books for           section.                            games, jigsaw puzzles and
  two days.                                                               magazines to read.

  New non-fiction includes                                                Come and visit the library.
  Machines Close-Up series—                                               Don’t forget if you wish to
  Military Fighting Machines and                                          use a computer to book with
  Modern Military Aircraft                                                Mr Riley or Mrs Harley.

                                                                                                                         Page 3
                                         The Back Page
Cessnock High School
                                     FROM THE SPORTS DESK                                            (Ms Rowe)

     Aberdare Road,                      Report from weekly sports
                                         What a start to the year for sport at Cessnock High School. On Wednesday sport afternoon students
   Cessnock NSW 2325
                                         are awarded with MR and MRS Sport Awards for excellent participation, behaviour and sportsmanship.
                                         The following students have been winners of Mr and Mrs Sport this term:

      Phone: 4990 1977                   Week 2: Beth Dwyer & Mitchell Probert; Week 3: Lisa Simpson & Hayden Mugridge
      Fax:   4991 1815                   Week 4: Jordan Dwyer & Dylan O’Neil; Week 5: Breanna Swan & Jordan Appleyard
                                         These students will receive $5.00 canteen vouchers at the next principal’s assembly.

Principal: Mr Ian Scanlon                Representative sport at Cessnock High
Deputy Principals:                       Softball
      Year 7, 9, College 1               Congratulations to Cora May Williams of year 9 who represented the Hunter Region at the
                                         CHS Softball Titles. Cora-May was a standout player of the tournament and represented Cess-
     Mr Michael Rathborne
                                         nock High School with pride. Her behaviour and attitude have been commended by the coach
     Year 8, 10, College 2               of Hunter Region Softball, Mr Lane. Well done Cora-May we are all so proud of your efforts.
            Ms Jo Scott                  Zone swimming
                                         Congratulations to the 35 Cessnock High students who competed at the Zone swimming carnival in
                                         Maitland on the 22nd Feb. All of our swimmers represented the school extremely well and participated
What e’er you do, do well!               to the best of their ability. Congratulations to the following students on their results:

                                         Courtney Starr (Year 7): 4th in the 50m Freestyle Rhys Binns (Year 10): 1st in the 50m FreeStyle

     What’s On At CHS                    Jason Zechel (Year 11): 2nd in the 200M Freestyle 17 Years boys Relay team (Cade James, Arama Nga-
                                         toko, Zeb Dunstan & Blake Barry): 2nd. A big congratulations to Rhys Binns and Jason Zechel who
17th Mar        Univ. Roadshow Coll 2    have been selected to participate in the regional carnival on the 10th of March. Good Luck boys!
21-23rd Mar     SRC Camp
                                         Open Girls Cricket
28-30th Mar     Year 7 Camp              The Cessnock High (CHS) Open Girls Cricket Team took on Mount View High (MVHS) at Baddeley
                                         Park. CHS won the toss and bowled. MVHS had an impressive batting line-up however, were restricted
28 Mar-1 Apr Work Placement
                                         to 117. For CHS Carmela Swinton 2/14 and Molly Abbot 2/29 impressed with the ball. MVHS took out
1st April       Yr 10 Newc Uni           the match bowling out CHS for 51. Cora-May Williams revealed some great skills with the ball and was
9-26th Apr      School Holidays          very handy with her wicket-keeping. Molly Abbot bowled well and with her top score of 10 runs was
                                         CHS player of the match. CHS players treated their opposition with respect, held their respective posi-
25th Apr        ANZAC Day
                                         tions of responsibility in the field and the batting line-up and demonstrated a willingness to learn and
27th Apr        Staff Dev. Day           reflect on their practise. I congratulate the team once again and look forward to next year. Mr Williams
28th Apr        Students Return          Sports Coming Up
28th Apr        Injections HPV, Hep B.   Open girls Volleyball competition; Open boys and girls Basketball competition

4th May         Cross Country

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