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Survival Guide


									Survival Guide to Western

      Instructor: Zhu Yaoyun
Welcome to this survival guide!

   Whether you are planning to travel, or
    live, in western countries, or just curious
    about the cultural differences, this
    lecture may be for you!

   It offers the basic and essential
    information that may quickly help you
    avoid common misunderstandings,
    find you feet after arrival, and settle in

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Vital Topics Covered Include:
     1. Transport
         2. Housing

           3. Money

            4. Shopping

              5. Food and Drink

         6. Socializing
1. Transport

 1.1 By air
     Departure process 出发程序
     On board          在飞机上
     Arrival Process   到达程序

 1.2 By land
     Rent a car
     Catch a cab
     Picked up by a limo
1.1.1    International Departing Procedures

  乘机手续                          安全检查                                  出发手续   前往登机

      1.1.1               International Departing Procedures
                              (1) Check-in 办理登机手续
                                     -Ticket check
                                      -Route and flight number confirmation
                               (2) Luggage Delivery 交运行李
                                     Check-In Baggage Inspection
001 survivalenglish15-check in.mp3
                                         —pack by whom?
                                         —restricted /prohibited articles?
                                         —tag to?
                               (3) Seat preference
                                      — window seat / aisle seat
                                      —report to transfer desk 转机柜台
                                          for seating assignment to
                              (4)Getting Boarding Card 领取登机牌
    (1) Check-in
    ---Many ways to check in
   Go to your airline's ticket counter at the airport
    ---Use the screens located above
      the check-in counters to determine
     where your airline is checking in.

   Use a self-service ticket kiosk (SST)
     in the airport lobby

   Online through an airline’s website
      up to 24-48 hours before departure.
   SMS (Short Messaging Service) Check-in --designed to reduce
    hassle and offer more convenience
(1) Check-in documents
 Visa

 Passport

   (1) Check-in documents --an airline ticket

Buy Ticket        Avoid bulkhead
                 seats (that's where
               they usually put babies)
               and the last rows (too
               close to the bathroom).

(3) Boarding card
(1) Check-in Times
Whichever way you to choose to check-in,
make sure you do so before the check-in deadline. ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR

Destination           Recommended          Check-in       Boarding
                      Check-in Time        Deadline       Gate
                                           60             20
To/From USA           90 minutes
                                           minutes        minutes
To/from               120 minutes          60             30
International                              minutes        minutes
 Beijing &                                 60            30
                      150 minutes
 Shanghai                                  minutes       minutes
                                           120           30
 Caracas              180 minutes
                                           minutes       minutes
 (2) Bag Drop 交运行李
       At Bag Drop desk, after you’ve checked in,                               
                                                                                          rsty Wigglesworth / AP
        and an agent will tag and take your baggage.

hand /cabin / carry-on Checked / Hold baggage

   (2) Bag Drop

             Find out your checked and hand baggage
             You may have to pay .excess `baggage charges for
              oversized / overweight bags.
(2) Bag Drop
  --- Check-In Baggage Inspection
      You may not carry knives or similar items on board.
      If you wish to take such items with you, you must put them
       in your check in baggage before inspection.

     If any knives or other dangerous items are discovered in
      your cabin baggage, you will be asked to dispose of them.
1.1.1   International Departing Procedures
                 Check In
                 Bag Drop
                 Boarding Pass


Carry-on baggage inspection
and body search

 •Your carry-on baggage
  will be put through an x-ray machine.

   •You will walk through a
   security gate and you may
   be frisked.
       ---Remove all metal objects prior to
       passing through the metal detectors.
(1) Going through the Customs海关检查


The role of the Quarantine
and Inspection Service is to
prevent the entry into
 a country of exotic pests,
diseases and weeds that
could affect plant, animal
and human health and the
On the passenger declaration card, you must tick YES if you have
any food or goods of plant or animal origin.
 Prohibited or unwanted items you don't wish to declare should be
dropped in the quarantine bin on the way to collect your baggage.
   (1)Going through Customs
Customs officers collect
import duties and sales tax,
check passengers and baggage for
(1)Dutiable (2) controlled (3) or prohibited items.

When you arrive at the checkpoint,
 you are required to declare fully and correctly
the above items that you are carrying at the ---
Red Channel                                          Green Channel
         (2) Immigration
           Visitors must have ready for presentation at the
             border documentary evidence of
            the purpose of the visit

            means of support for the duration of the stay

            accommodation arrangements.

                                                                                     Duty Free shop Switzerland.


Wait in Lounge
1.1.1   International Departing Procedures
                 Check In
                 Bag Drop
                 Boarding Pass

                     through Security Check
              Quarantine 卫生检疫
              Customs    海关检查
              Immigration 边防检查

                  •Waiting and Boarding候机、登机
1.1.2 On Board

(1) Security video 008
(2)How to travel comfortably
(3) In-flight services
(5) Immigration Incoming Passenger Card
1.1.2 On Board
--How to travel comfortably in an airplane
     Chewing gum, yawning or sucking on hard
      candies can help to relieve the pressure that builds
      up in your ears as the airplane ascends and
     Drink plenty of water while onboard the aircraft to
      avoid becoming dehydrated during the flight.
     Do light stretching exercises
       in your seat and
       walk through the cabin frequently
        (when safe to do so).   Photo:
1.1.2 On board
(3)In-flight services

   It can be disappointing when you do not get the
    level of service you expect from an airline, and
    frustrating when you try to get redress.

   But the reality is that there are no regulations
    setting out what airlines must provide in
    terms of in-flight service, nor is in-flight
    service included in the airlines' contracts
    with their passengers.

                              Photo Source:
1.1.2 On board
(4) Announcements

   Landing announcement
 1.1.2 On board
 (5) Immigration Incoming Passenger Card
1.1.2 On Board

(1) Security video 008
(2)How to travel comfortably
(3) In-flight services
(5) Immigration Incoming Passenger Card
                        At Immigration
                         •The immigration control
                         officer will then conduct
                          a short interview.
68 immigration-100分1.wma

                          Different immigration officers,
                          in different ports, give
 69 immigration-100分1.wma
                           varying of amounts of time
                          allowed, when you clear in.

                       Source of audio clips:
              Top-up Listening 1 by Chris Cleary et al.
   Check the
    information board
     for the name of
    your airline and
    flight no.
    and collect your
    baggage from the

   When returning home, you’ll be required to clear
    Customs Service and declare all articles you
    acquired abroad.

   If you are bringing large or expensive items
    (such as snow machines, skis, cameras, etc.),
     it’s a good idea to register them with Customs
    before you leave the country
     –or have proof-of-purchase with you to
     ensure easy clearance on your return trip.
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