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					Onion Bagger – Chinook Equipment

We have built a prototype produce bagging machine that worked very well to fill
bags and small cartons in the range of two to twenty five pounds. The concept
worked very well but what we would like is to have a much simpler design that
would be easier to manufacture, easier to crate and field assemble anywhere in
the world we might ship to from Idaho. We will be starting out with only the
proven concept and need help in all areas of mechanical and electrical design.

We used our prototype to primarily fill ten pound onion bags by first filling the bag
by a predetermined count. The belt cleats were shorter than a jumbo sized onion
is in height so that a photo eye saw only the top of each onion before going into a
bag. Once the count is reached the next step is to check the weight of each bag
or carton by a load cell. If the weight has reached the set point then the cycle is
complete and an indicator light will go out to let the operator know the bag or
carton is ready to be removed. The next cycle will begin with a start switch on the
handle of the bag holder or a simple start button. The machine would also need
to fill by weight only without the count feature for such cases that a certain
customer might want to run a variety of crops on the same machine. It may for
example not be practical to try and count some produce where you might have
multiple pieces between cleats.

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