Compare and Contrast ADA vs IDEA

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					Compare and Contrast ADA
        vs. IDEA
       By Jeff Dohrn
       Guest Lecturer
  ADA (Americans with Disabilities
          Act of 1990)
• Civil Rights Law
• This law gives civil rights protections to
  individuals with disabilities similar to those
  provided to individuals on the basis of race,
  color, sex, age, and religion.
• Public and Private Schools
• Public and Private Funding (no Federal funding)
• To provide a clear and comprehensive national
  mandate for the elimination of discrimination
  against individuals with disabilities
    IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities
             Education Act)
• Special Education
• State, Local, and Federal Funding
• Individualized Education Program
• Federal funding statute whose purpose is to
  provide financial aid to states in their efforts to
  ensure adequate and appropriate services for
  students with disabilities
• Identifies 13 categories of qualifying conditions
• Requires that modifications must be made if
  necessary to provide access to a free
  appropriate education
• In conclusion, IDEA is an Education Act and ADA is a
  Civil Rights Law. IDEA has local, state, and Federal
  funding. ADA has no federal funding. IDEA will make
  sure all students with disabilities receive the appropriate
  services. ADA will ensure that all persons with
  disabilities will not be discriminated against.
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• Pstavros, A (1999). Comparison Highlights of IDEA and
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