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ice cream

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Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to make ice cream at home?
Ice cream is a frozen dessert, so to make it we need to be to decrease the
freezing point of water. But how do we do that?!

The answer: salt! Yes that’s right! Just like when you add salt to water to
increase that boiling point (such as when you cook pasta), or pour it on the
streets to lower the freezing point of water (and have less slippery ice).
Without salt, regular water will normally freeze at around 0 degrees Celsius.
However, by adding salt to it, we can reduce that freezing point by a few

But how does this help me make ice cream?! Well in the following activity you
will be putting half and half cream into a Ziploc baggie and then rolling that
baggie around in ice. However, regular ice is not cold enough to turn the
cream into “ice cream”. By adding salt to the ice we lower the freezing point
by a few degrees which helps turn the cream into “ice cream”. Try it for

You will need…                                                 Safety Considerations

   -    1 large freezer-size Ziploc                            Be careful when handling the ice.
        bag                                                    You don’t want to get frostbite.
   -    1 smaller sandwich size                                Sometimes it is wise to double bag
        Ziploc bag                                             the large-freezer bags. If kids are
   -    Half and Half Cream                                    shaking rough, the bags can leak
   -    Crushed ice                                            salt water, which becomes quite the
   -    Salt                                                   mess!
   -    Vanilla extract
   -    Sugar
   -    2 tablespoon measures
   -    1 teaspoon measure
   -    ½ cup measure
   -    Chocolate sauce/Sprinkles

   1.   Fill a third of the large freezer-size Ziploc bag with crushed ice.
   2.   Add approximately 6 tablespoons of salt to the ice. Mix for a minute or so by swishing the bag around.
   3.   In the smaller sandwich-size Ziploc bag add ½ cup of half and half cream, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and ½
        teaspoon of vanilla extract.
   4.   Seal the smaller baggie very tightly. Try to get as much air out of the baggie as possible before closing it!
   5.   Place the smaller baggie into the larger baggie (with the ice in it).
   6.   Get all the air out of the larger baggie and seal it tight!
   7.   Swish and shake the larger baggie around, but be careful not to drop it! Do this for approximately 7
        minutes or until you can tell the cream has frozen.
8.   Remove the smaller baggie from the larger baggie and rinse it off with water so that we don’t end up with
     salty ice cream!
9.   Grab a spoon and some friends, open the smaller baggie and enjoy your ice cream! YUMMY!

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