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					                       Lesson Activity Plan Template
Title of Activity:
Froot Loops Follies
Grade Level:
Mathematics Concept Standards:

Probability--Students demonstrates a conceptual understanding of
  probability and counting techniques (M6.1.4)
Data Display—Students demonstrates an ability to classify and organize
  data (M6.1.1)
Analysis—Students demonstrates an ability to analyze data (M6.1.2)

Learning Objectives:
Displaying Data
Comparing Data

Math and Literature Connection:
Probability Pistachio

Learn the Content:
Explain to students that we are going to learn about probability, predicting
 what will happen.
Read Probably Pistachio to whole class, then reread, discuss, write key
 vocabulary on board.
Guided practice with Always, Never & Sometimes slips about meals &
 common routines at home and school. Teacher models use of 3 slips,
 then student choose a slip in response to the teachers questions.
Have students share how they guess/predict things & share strategies
Each group will try to come up with at least one probability question
 for the whole class.

Reinforce the Content Learning:
Students Play Froot Loop Follies in pairs and record data on color
  Chart (teacher may handout a recording chart or have the class
  help create one).
Each pair of students gets a brown paper sack of Froot Loops, the
  students are told the box is divided evenly between the bags.
Students will predict how many Fruit Loops are in their bag, record on
  their chart.
Students will next predict how many of each color are in their bag &
   record on their chart.
Now have the students take turns taking Froot Loops from the bag,
   sorting and classifying by color on their chart.
Next have the pairs share their data in their small groups and combine
   into a new graph (students may design their own graphs).
Teacher listens to students use of vocabulary & strategies while
Finally have the small groups share and create a class graph.

Consolidate the Learning:
Students draw & color the class graph into their journals.
Have them copy key vocabulary too
Students journal their prediction of what they will have for supper,
   lunch or breakfast if they don’t have it at school (or some
   common event such as bedtimes).
Wrap Up--Review what we have learned, go over goals (home connection
   predict possible outcomes.
Exit Slip—Student will choose one event and write or draw their
   prediction on their slip.

Implement the Content:
Have students discuss & share what data they could collect at home.
  Discuss methods of collecting, record data—strategies at home.
  Have students discuss how the class could record all data.

Have students brainstorm places they could use probability
  (predicting) each week outside of school.

Variation/Extension Activities:
Use tiles or counting cubes instead of Froot Loops.
Have students predict what games will be played in Gym or Music?
Have students predict the weather for recess each day (Will this
  affect how we dress?). Some students could track TV predictions.
Use dice and partners can record the results of 20 throws. What are
  the most common/least numbers.
Use spinners with numbers or colors, partners can take turns and
  record spins.
Have students design different graphs that would record their data.

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Lesson Plan Created By:
Patricia Sue Wren

Lesson Related References:
The Great Graph Contest By Loreen Leedy

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