Communism by ewghwehws


									By: Brandyn Moraga
   Communism is the control of minerals,
    factories etc. by a government only to serve us
   There are currently five communist countries.
    These countries are:
     Laos,
     China,
     Cuba,
     North Korea, and
     Vietnam.

   All other countries are either democracies or
    under dictatorships.
   Communism was created to ensure equality for

   It made everyone to be treated the same
    instead of having one person having more
    power than the other.
   A good thing about communism is that they
    are treated equally.

   Medical care and Educational opportunity are
    usually high priorities.

   Crime rate is lower.
   The bad thing are that it was abused by people
    like Stalin and Polpot to gain power and

   You can't own your own land, have to pay high
    land taxes.

   You have no privacy, surveillance is common
    in every area of life.

   Everything belongs to the state even your lives.
   Communism started around October 1917

   It was started by Karl Marx and Friedrick
    Engels in the 19th century.
   The life as a communist varies on the country
    in which you live in.

   Some workers in ex-communist countries wish
    they were still living under the old rules
    because they were living better lives back then.
   Communism started when the government
    was split into two parties:
       the Radical Bolsheviks and
       the Mensheviks
   Communism works by giving everyone the
    equal amount of rights as another person has
    no matter how rich or poor they are.

   It helps the poor rise up and be as equal as the
    middle class people.
   Yes it is still used in the world today.

   China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and Laos
    are still communist in the world of today.
   Communism is used for minerals, oils, etc.

   It is also used for production such as factories,
    plants, refineries etc.

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