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					    Project #3

Grain Storage Slab
   Toad Abodes
Grain Storage Huts
 Throughout the       I am going to show you
                        some examples of
 centuries in all       traditional grain storage
 cultures people        huts from around the
                        world. Some of these huts
 have created           are quite primitive. You
 structures to hold     will be designing and
 and protect their      building a grain hut out of
                        clay slabs.
 crops from the
Hand building Technique #3 - SLABS
 You are going to be building a grain storage hut using clay
  slabs. The sky is the limit on how you decorate your clay hut.

 When finished they will be perfect Toad Abodes, if you chose
  to use them in your gardens, they will make wonderful

 Below are some ideas to get your creative juices going.
Let’s Brain Storms some Ideas
 You will roll out and cut a slab for the main structure of your
    abode. Make a paper center for support ( I will demo)
   Slab roof
   There must be some sort of opening. You will design and cut
    this opening for yourself.
   Pick some sort of interesting theme
   Add, Add, Add….. the interesting items that make your
    abodes special and unique!
   BE CREATIVE, but always score and slip!!!!
 Your abode must be well-crafted using all appropriate skills
    and clay techniques, i.e.. scoring, slipping, smoothing, etc.
   There must be an opening (door) of some sort near the
    bottom of your slab.
   A well-crafted, wonderfully fitted roof of some sort (your
    choosing) made of a clay slab.
   There must be some sort of cohesive theme or plan for your
   Interesting items that are scored and slipped to the surface of
    your roof and walls of your abode.

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