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					 This is the real estate of the Internet and there is
a market for becoming a website reseller. So what
  does an Internet real estate agent do? Unlike
      offline new builds aren't worth much. In
   cyberspace buyers are looking for one of two
things. Either they are after the premium keyword
 dot com address or they are interested in picking
           up a proven money making site.

 Now there is one exception to this rule Some really smart people bought up
high dollar keyword dot coms site several years ago and now they are just
sitting on the name waiting for the highest bid to come in
  This is not to say that you can't make money selling websites as a new
turnkey operation There are brokers who do quite well at creating new sites
and flipping them
 To get into this though you would have to be very well versed in affiliate
marketing and website design so this isn't where you would want to start out as
a website reseller Your work as a website reseller or broker will entail a lot of
 You'll need to set up shop on a website and much like a regular real estate
agent put together listings of websites for sale You target shoppers will be
someone looking for an already built turnkey business that will allow them to
just take over the reigns and start getting back the money they invested on the
 Obviously the really profitable sites will be those that have been making a
good amount of money for the last year or two
You can make money selling websites in one other form
 You can become an affiliate marketer for web registrars and hosting
companies like GoDaddy and YahooDomains both of which will reward you
with cash for sending customers their way

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