Hearing Advice for Individuals with Newly Diagnosed Hearing Loss

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					 Hearing Advice for Individuals with Newly Diagnosed Hearing Loss

                   Learning that you have hearing loss may be a bit of a
                   shock initially, but knowing about your hearing loss is
                   actually going to improve your life. That’s because you
                   can get the tools you need to hear more clearly and be
                   able to relate better to people and spoken media you
                   encounter on a daily basis. Follow some of these bits of
advice to cope with your hearing loss and move forward.

Tell Close Family and Friends: The people who you are close to will love you
regardless of your hearing problems, and telling them about your diagnosis
can give you a strong support network as you navigate the challenges of
hearing loss. You’ll also be able to be more comfortable around them
because you won’t have to feel like you’re hiding something.

Choose Hearing Aids Carefully: Hearing aids are a major investment, and
you want to make sure you get the type that is going to work best for you in
the long term. Many people with a new diagnosis are concerned about
having discreet hearing aids so people won’t notice them. However, larger
hearing aids can be more powerful and provide features that the hearing
aids that fit completely in your ear canal won’t have. Your provider can make

Expect an Adjustment Period: You aren’t going to get used to your hearing
aids right away, and there will be a while where the sound they make seems
a little bit off, or they don’t feel completely comfortable in your ears. But as
you get used to using them, you’ll begin to think less about the hearing aids
themselves and get to sit back and enjoy everything you are able to hear

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