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									 Classified websites like Craigslist are a great way to
    generate sales leads. You can find your targeted
market. However, to find that targeted market you must
 first publicize yourself with some helpful search tips.
    Please keep these in mind when using classified
     websites like Craigslist to create sales leads.

 Tip #1 - Selecting Your Search Radius On Craigslist org, you are limited to
only searching one city page at a time However, there are websites known as
Craigslist search tools that remove this limiting hassle
 For example, you can find a desktop program that allows countrywide
Craigslist searches You can find a website that does the same thing
However, you can also find websites and programs that let you search
thousands of web portals at once, including Craigslist
org The point being is that you have a number of options Most of these
websites and programs are setup so that you can key in a zip code and select
a radius to search
 Should you do a nationally search or a local search? It all depends on the
products or services you sell Local services (such as babysitting and lawn
care) should be local searches only
 Online services (such as freelance writing) should be nationwide searches
Big products that only be delivered locally should be local searches, whereas
items that can delivered through the mail can be all over the country searches
  Tip #2 - Search Classified Websites Multiple Times a Day to Find Sales
Leads Whether you do a search unswervingly on Craigslist org or another
classified website or if you use one of those above mentioned programs that
let you search thousands of websites at once (and do a nationwide Craigslist
search), you are going to see a lot of results
 Why? These websites are often updated every minute! That is a lot of sales
leads to weed through But, site you don't want to miss anything important
 After all, more business owners are starting to use classified websites to
generate sales leads So not only should you search often, but you should
have a call considered out or an email sales pitch ready to go; act before
someone else does
  Tip #3 - Know When To Use Filters and When Not To Many desktop
programs and websites that let you search thousands of somekeyword on an
Online classified portal and increase your business prospects

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