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How did we get here?
 How do we know it
     Wants:   T Chart   NEEDS:

1.                 1.
      New Civilization Activity
Congratulations!! You have been chosen by NASA to travel to a
  newly discovered planet and begin a new civilization. You
  have about 25,000 people living there with you, but YOU are
  in charge. It is your responsibility to decide what the planet
  will need to become civilized.

As you are deciding, think about what a group of people needs
  to live peacefully as a society. Think about the daily
  activities, how they live, ways to survive, and systems that
  need to be in place. Then create a poster that shows what
  you believe your civilization on the new planet will need.

       a.   Name of your civilization
       b.   List of NEEDS with brief explanations as to why
            it is needed.
       c.   Symbols/Pictures to represent those needs.
         So it means . . .
Want:    Something that is nice to
 have, but it is not necessary to

Need:  Something you must have in
 order to survive.
Wants and needs are one thing,
   civilization is another!
There   are EIGHT signs of civilization.

This  means that in order to be considered
  CIVILIZED a group of people must do these

Civilization:  A society that has achieved a
  high level of culture, including the
  development of systems of government,
  religion and learning.
You are going to take notes in your BUBBLES.
You should write down WHAT IS UNDERLINED
                In your bubble!!!
                           NUMBER 1:
Cultivation (GROWTH) of crops.
This means that people could grow crops on their own. They no
longer had to follow food, they brought the food to them.
Farming tools such as RAKES and PLOWS were used for the
It was so important that farm tools were used because now
people could not only grow their own food, but they could do it at
a very fast rate. The tools helped people to plant and grow food
more quickly.
                            NUMBER 2:
Domestication of Animals.

This means that animals were used for human purposes.
People could eat, sell, or trade animals.

This was so important because people had tamed animals and
no longer had to follow them around for food. Instead people
herded animals and had them available when they were needed.
Number 3

Permanent cities and homes - people stayed in
  one place.

These homes were always near WATER!

Why do you think they were near water?

This is very important because now people
  stayed in one place. If we look at signs 1, 2,
  and 3 we see that people are now able to
  get food, water, and shelter.
Number 4

Economic Achievements - Trading,
  money, barter.

This was so important because people
 could trade or exchange goods for
 things that they did not have. At first,
 people did this to help meet their
 basic needs but as civilizations
 developed people increasingly traded
 in order to get materials they wanted!
Number 5

High Levels of Art: People created
 statues, sculptures and jewelry.

People are no longer just making
 things to survive, they are now
 making things that they think are
 appealing to look at, things that
 they want, and things that
 represent their society.
Number 6

Highly Organized Society: People
 created governments, rules, laws,
 and specialization.
Think of what our world would be like with no rules or laws! It
   would be hard to imagine! When a society has rules and laws
   it can function better. In order to create rules and laws and
   have people buy in or listen to them, you need to have some
   form of government.

Specialization was also developing. This means that people no
   longer all did the same jobs, but that each person was a
   SPECIALIST in ONE job. As a SOCIETY they shared their
Number 7

Intellectual Achievements: People
  have the ability to write and
  communicate, keep records, and
  have created calendars.

Writing helped to keep track of trade and business

People have increased communication between
  themselves and others. This encouraged a sharing
  of ideas and a better development of culture.
Number 8

Advances in Technology
New advancements were made like:
The wheel, metal, irrigation, cars

Why do you think advancements in
 technology are so important?

Are we still making more
 advancements today?
           Was your plant a
Did   you have all EIGHT signs of civilization?

In you did CONGRATS! Your civilization will

If   not, think about what you needed to add.

Take   a few minutes to EVALUATE your

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