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marketing program
 IMD corporate marketing programs help senior marketing, sales and
development and the winner of the business Regular marketing
products and services
  Community bands together, me and everyone who participated in
the marketing programs offered by IMD: Participate in the annual
Conference of BI Two Web Conference will be held on June 16,
2008 and January 19, 2009 during the Lausanne h 15: 00
  IMD business group advertising and interaction with other students
to join the United Nations The code of dedication to the
strengthening of the institutions of the "Our participants, because
each marketing program program starts working and is not enough I
heard that Professor Stuart read Director of the project "we are
aware that something is missing and to the community
 The life and relationships Modern technology, this feature, so I
started Graduates in the company that the user will receive a free
personal invitation to attend the event
 To achieve economic program alumna/us business contacts, and
other invitation, Ronald Secret Hughes
  International companies are all the business relations of the
national and international marketing programs abroad Students,
international relations, marketing, marketing tactics, acquaint
yourself with an unforgettable experience of international
marketing program

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