The Most Common Types Of Eyes Diseases

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					The Most Common Types Of Eyes Diseases

We all are very lucky that we have a perfect body and various different parts of our body
like hands, legs, ears and, most importantly, eyes. In everyone’s life, eyes are the most
important body part by which they are able to see the world and all of the things around
them. Can you imagine what it’s like if everything is black and you are not able to see
colours, birds and various other things of the world? Well, it is true that blindness is a
disease that various people are suffering from due to various different types of eye
disorders. One of the most common eyes disorders is Glaucoma in which the optic
nerve of the eye is damaged and it is one of the most common types of eye diseases in
the United States affecting 1 percent of the population.

There are many people who think what causes this eyes disease. Generally, this
disease occurs due to increased pressure within the eye that is called Intraocular
Pressure (IOP). It is most important for you to treat this condition as early on as possible
otherwise you may lose your eyesight. As we all know, our eyes contain a certain
amount of fluid and if the pressure of this fluid increases, the pressure on the eye’s optic
nerve increases and causes it damage. The optic nerve is responsible for sending
visual messages from our eyes to the brain. Mainly, there are three different types of
glaucoma which are; open-angle, closed-angle and congenital.

When it comes to discuss about these three different types, open-angle is the most
common form of this Eyes Disease. In this type, the optic nerve is damaged slowly over
time causing a gradual and progressive loss of vision. At the same time, both eyes can
be affected with it, but usually one eye will be affected more than the other. In the
closed-angle type, the mesh-like drainage area in the eye, referred to as the angle,
becomes restricted and blocked which then prevents the fluid from passing through it in
the normal way and pressure begins to build up rapidly within the eye. This should be
treated as a medical emergency and immediate medical treatment should be sought to
avoid irreversible optic nerve damage and the ensuing blindness. The third type is
congenital glaucoma which is much rarer. This type means that it is inherited in your
genes and is usually diagnosed at birth or shortly thereafter. Although, sometimes the
symptoms aren’t actually detected until later into infancy, or even into early childhood.

So, if you are suffering from this eye disease then it is extremely important to treat this
condition as quickly as possible. You should consult your best doctor, or eye specialist,
who will help to correctly diagnose the problem and then recommend the best course of
treatment for you. Also regular eye examinations are of paramount importance for the
early diagnosis of the onset of any eye diseases or disorders which then makes
treatment much easier and even more effective.

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