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									July 16, 2012

                School Closure Staffing and Financial Impact Overview

1. What are the cost savings from each of the closing schools as well as the combined savings?
Can we distinguish between year one savings (which may be diminished by one-time expenses)
and ongoing savings?

2012-13 K-12 School Site Budget - Increase from 3rd Interim 11-12 (unrestricted funds)

      Eliminate budgets for the closed schools (5 elementary)                    ($5.8 million)
      Eliminate budgets for the consolidated schools (6 secondary)               ($2.0 million)
      Eliminate charter conversion budgets (Learning w/o Limits & Ascend)        ($3.5 million)
      Additional allocations to remaining schools                                $14.1 million
       Total 12-13 K-12 school site budget increase from 3rd Interim 11-12        $2.8 million

Site Name             Net Savings (unrest.)
Lakeview                     $.38 million
Lazear                       $.49 million
Marshall                     $.34 million
Maxwell Park                 $.45 million
Santa Fee                    $.37 million
                             $2.03 million

2. Were there any teacher layoffs this year? Were any of these related to school closures?

There were no teacher layoffs this year.

3. What happened to the staff at closing schools? Where did they land?

A brief summary of assignment changes affecting staff from closing schools is below.
      OEA: 51 teachers from closing schools were consolidated
          o 44 of the 51 consolidated teachers were placed
          o 3 retired
          o 2 resigned
          o 1 on leave
          o 1 is seeking an OUSD leadership position

      SEIU: 14 employees experienced a change in status related to school closure
          o 12 were reassigned
          o 1 was laid off
          o 1 retired
      UAOS: 5 employees experienced a change in status
         o 4 were reassigned
         o 1 resigned

4. How many SEIU members lost their job this year? Were any of these related to school
closure? Were there any layoffs or early retirements for SEIU members?

A total of nine SEIU employees were laid-off this year—for any and all reasons—most of which
did not relate to school closure. Only one of these layoffs involved an employee from a closing
school. In addition, one SEIU member from a closing school accepted the early retirement offer.

5. What modernization/renovation is occurring at Lakeview and what will it cost? Is this being
paid for by bond money and, if not, what is the funding source?

All facilities work is related to the site’s conversion from a school to an office for receiving
students and families and providing support services. The cost of the modifications, projected
to be $350,000 upon completion, will be paid from Fund 40 (Special Reserve Fund for Capital
Outlay Projects) not from the general fund. Fund 40 holds one-time monies restricted for
construction-related purposes. The work supported by these resources includes:

      Additional data lines to accommodate staff work stations
      An upgraded phone system to accommodate more than 100 staff members
      A combination of used and new office furniture to maximize use of space
      Signage to ensure facility is easily navigated by families seeking services

6. Why are units housed at 2111 and Jones moving to Lakeview? What's the benefit?

The Family, School, Community Partnerships (FSCP) department is moving as part of the overall
facilities strategy and will house FSCP staff currently spread across four district locations under
one roof. The consolidation will increase efficiency, save travel time and improve overall access
to services for families and school site staff.

Relocating also allows the opportunity to create a "one-stop shop", where family and student
support services are housed and services offered. This brings together the:

      Student Assignment Center and Bilingual Testing Office
      Early Childhood Education enrollment office and staff
      Translation Services
      Transitional Students and Families Services (i.e. Migrant Ed, Refugee Students and
       Families, Foster Youth, and Homeless/Transitional Families Services)
      Afterschool Programs
      Summer Learning Programs
      Family and Student Engagement
      Health and Wellness (School Based Health Centers, School Nurses, 504, etc.)
      Behavioral Health Services (including Restorative Justice, Violence Prevention, Crisis
       Intervention, etc.)
      Social Emotional Learning initiatives
      Attendance & Discipline Support Services
      Juvenile Justice Center Transition Center staff support

All these departments will integrate to support and facilitate the continued development of
full-service schools in a more cohesive, accessible environment. Meanwhile, OUSD’s main
central administrative office will remain at 1025 Second Avenue.

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