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									Athens Chiropractor, Dr. Barry Hitchcock, Corrects Poor Posture In
College Students

Athens, GA, 03-AUGUST-2012 - Dr. Barry Hitchcock, D. C., chiropractor
Athens GA, and Family Chiropractic of Athens, are pleased to announce
that there can be quick, same day appointments to college students and
others who have pain from poor posture, headaches, migraines, pain in the
back or neck, or other problems in the spinal structure and surrounding
tissues. Chiropractic doctors such as Dr. Hitchcock also offer soft
tissue techniques.

Natural methods help with conditions such as carpal tunnel, knee and
shoulder problems and plantar fasciitis. A combination of methods are
used to work with patients who suffer from chronic fatigue and
fibromyalgia. These techniques can include nutritional therapy, soft
tissue and chiropractic approaches.

Many of these same types of techniques are applied when college students
are determined to be suffering from poor posture. Posture problems can
often follow when there are problems with nutrition, sitting at a
computer monitor for hours, without enough exercise, and over-stressed
muscles and joints.

The symptoms of poor posture can be more than physical appearance and
pain of muscles forced into unnatural positions. The student may suffer
from poor sleep habits, chronic fatigue and digestion that is affected in
a negative way.

College students have a limited amount of time. Fast and responsive
appointments are offered whether in person or by telephone. According to
Dr. Hitchcock, "I bring more than three decades of experience to bear
upon any patient who is having problems with pain or other symptoms
related to the musculoskeletal system."

Learn more about how chiropractic therapy can assist with poor posture
found in college students by checking out information available at today. Members of the press and others
who have further questions about the content of this specific press
release should contact Dr. Hitchcock, D. C., chiropractor Athens GA, at
the location identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Barry Hitchcock, D. C.

Company Name: Family Chiropractic of Athens

Address: 2330 W. Broad Street, Athens, GA 30606

Contact Telephone Number: (706) 353-8032

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