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Atlanta's Best Junk Car Removal Helps Turn Your Old Cars Into Cash

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					Atlanta's Best Junk Car Removal Helps Turn Your Old Cars Into Cash

Atlanta, GA, 03-AUG-2012 - Atlanta junk car removal service provides
people who have damaged or junk cars with a way to make money while
getting rid of the car. The company, Atlanta's Best Junk Car Removal, has
developed a reputation for providing top money and free towing for people
wishing to get rid of cars without hassle or added expenses to the car

The company buys all types of vehicles including those that have been
wrecked, are unwanted, trucks, vans, salvaged, etc. There is never a cost
to the individual and pick-up is easy and hassle-free. The staff can
answer any questions that you may have and have been trained in the most
effective ways of picking up disabled or junk vehicles.

Servicing Atlanta and surrounding areas, the team can normally pick up
vehicles on the same day that you call and disposes of all models of
vehicles. They are experienced and skilled in getting cars that are stuck
in areas of your driveway or yard out of the area, causing the least
amount of damage to your yard as possible.

After picking up the vehicle, Atlanta's Best Junk Removal disposes of
scrap and fluids in a legal and environmentally safe way, meeting all of
the state requirements for proper disposal of hazardous materials. The
goal of the company is to keep Georgia beautiful and they are committed
to providing the fast, courteous service that is needed by customers who
want to clear their space of unwanted junk and quit paying insurance on
vehicles that don't run.

To get more information about how the Atlanta junk car removal service
can help you get rid of your junk or damaged car and earn you extra cash
visit today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release
will find contact information below.

Atlanta's Best Junk Car Removal

2347 Arno Court

Atlanta, GA 30318

Telephone: (678) 437-8324


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Description: Now you can turn your old, junked or damaged cars into cash when you take advantage of the help offered by Atlanta's best junk car removal service. The company provides car owners the ability to make money and have cars towed at no expense. The team is committed to providing reliable and fast service that ensures customers can get rid of vehicles quickly.