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Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz


Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz currently has openings in New York, including opportunities for experienced employment and litigation attorneys.

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Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz
[Jefferson Byrd]
This David has taken on multi-billion dollar Goliaths and remains one of America’s top corporate firms despite, or perhaps because of, its small size.

Founded with the goal of creating a firm            clients tens of millions of dollars, Wachtell       arduous. The firm’s small size accords them
without hierarchy, where attorneys write            shares the wealth with its associates, of-          the ability to be picky about their hires.
their own briefs and do their own research,         fering generous bonuses that far exceed             Wachtell only hires associates they believe
the relatively young firm of Wachtell, Lipton       those available at other prestigious New            will ascend to partnership. Stellar academics
Rosen & Katz is far smaller than its competi-       York firms. Last year, the firm paid bonuses        from a top-tier school are usually a deter-
tors. The firm’s total number of attorneys          ranging from $50,000 to as high as $170,000.        mining factor. Attorneys with good grades
is about the same as the average entering           Distributing its considerable earnings among        from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Chicago,
associate class of a large law firm. With only      the associates is part of Wachtell’s overall        Penn, Stanford and NYU are considered the
one office, it remains, however, the leader         scheme to eliminate the rigid hierarchy             standard. Taking a summer internship at
in the field of corporate law. Wachtell’s total     that exists in law firms of prestige. The firm      Wachtell is allegedly an important first step
transactional value over the nearly forty           maintains a consistent one-to-one associate         in securing a position.
years since four young New York Law School          to partner ratio. Encouraging a team mental-
graduates started the firm stands at over           ity, partners and associates work closely           Once onboard, however, a first-year associ-
$140 billion, more than any other law firm.         with one another, often with cases staffed by       ate can expect to be treated as a potential
                                                    just one of each. Associate input is purport-       partner. The differences between the offices
In its early days, Wachtell earned a reputa-        edly welcomed by partners. This removes             of associates and partners are surprisingly
tion as defenders against corporate raiders.        competition between associates, but also            minute. Wachtell also seems to be the firm
Representing companies threatened by                means that a lot is expected of Wachtell’s          that offers associates the best chance of
hostile takeovers, Wachtell conceived the           associates.                                         making partner. The firms boasts such perks
now prevalent poison pill defense, whereby                                                              as full-service sushi dinners in the cafeteria,
stockholders acquire stock in the raiding           The workload is demanding. Attorneys bill           laptops, Blackberry pagers, and DSL lines
company, deterring a hostile takeover. Today        close to 3,000 hours per year and associates        installed at home. The hard work of the dedi-
the firm is behind the biggest M&A deals in         may work between 50 and 80 hours per week.          cated few attorneys at Wachtell is rewarded
the world. This century, they have been the         The firm is staffed by only the most devoted        handsomely.
legal advisor in six of the top ten transactions    attorneys. Despite the firm’s efforts to dispel
in America, and five of the top ten global          the stifling bureaucracy that prevails in           Jobs
transactions.                                       many firms, Wachtell attorneys are proud
                                                    of their traditional values and conservative        Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz currently has
Specializing in the largest and most complex        atmosphere. A strict dress code is enforced         openings in New York, including opportuni-
corporate transactions, Wachtell coun-              at all times. Wachtell believes that more can       ties for experienced employment and litiga-
seled AT&T in its $40.7 billion acquisition of      be learned by rolling up one’s sleeves and          tion attorneys. More information regarding
Cingular, history’s largest cash acquisition.       practicing law than in training programs. The       attorney positions at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen
They represented the Walt Disney Corpora-           lack of a formal training means new associ-         & Katz can be found in the LawCrossing job
tion when Comcast attempted a $54.1 billion         ates are given substantial responsibilities         database.
hostile takeover. Wachtell also oversaw the         up front. Therefore, Wachtell is extremely
largest IPO in American history, with AT&T          selective about its associates, hiring only a
Wireless’ $10.6 billion initial public offering.    committed few.

As befitting a tiny firm that charges its           The interview process here is said to be


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