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You may have heard this term before, "website sticky". This refers to the ability to keep
your website visitors on your website longer and keep them coming back. The longer
they stay the better chance you have to sell them on your product or service. Let's face
it, once someone has been to your site, if you didn't have what they wanted or didn't
offer something of value that changes, chances are they won't be back and your site
will be long forgotten. One of the best ways to keep your visitors on your site, and to
bring them back again and again, is by giving your visitors a reason to be there in the
first place.

Content is key to getting traffic! If you can offer your visitors advice, tips or articles on
related topics to your website, they will use you as a resource and as an expert in that
subject area. A great example of using content to gain traffic can be found on any great
website, from horoscope sites to interior design and on just about any subject. I
recently read an interview with a website owner that offers flash cartoons that he
creates on a regular basis. This was a hobby to him that turned into a huge money
making venture. He actually sells nothing, but has click adds that bring in a huge
revenue. This is rather of the reverse of most peoples websites. Typically the website is
selling something and offers information and advice to keep their visitors around or
coming back.

You probably have visited websites for the purpose of gaining knowledge on something,
maybe even how to put your website together! You will probably find those sites selling
hosting packages or domain names or something related. If you don't have someone
that can write articles for you...don't worry. I doubt few website owners employ a full
time staff writer. Never fear there are all kinds of websites that offer resources for
webmasters including free content feeds. If you do a search on any search engine, look
for "free reprintable articles." You get a good list of sites that offer just that.

The most inportant thing to remember is why people are visiting your site in the first
place. Make sure whatever content you choose makes sense to present to your visitors.
If they associate you with certain content you can believe they will be back again to
read more. If you are not sure where to find free content, please visit This site features articles on Arts and Crafts,
Decorating and Parenting, but also offers free website content for webmasters via
completely configurable javascript and RSS feeds in over 30 subject categories drawing
from a databse of over 26,000 articles. You don't need to be a webmaster to to use
these feeds. It's a simple copy paste process!

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