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									 Increase Web Site
Traffic With These 7
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You've got some content on your site. You are looking to get the word about your site
out there. Getting a marked increase in web site traffic can be a challenging task for
webmasters, especially aspiring webmasters. Internet traffic plays a huge role in
determining the success of your web site.

Don't have enough traffic? Then you won't have enough opportunities for visitors to
perform your most desired action. This action could range from getting your visitor to
subscribe to your newsletter or to contact you for more information about your

So how do you get that increase in web site traffic you want? There are a variety of
ways, both free and paid, to get more web site traffic. You could go about getting any
type of traffic, but that wouldn't help much unless it was targeted. Targeted visitors are
more valuable. Targeted visitors come to your site with the right frame of mind. They
are hoping that your site will provide them with the information they are looking for.

1. Search engines

Search engines can provide an enormous increase in web site traffic. Search engine
spiders can find you through their daily travels on the web. However, it doesn't hurt to
manually submit your site to search engines. And if you want to increase the chances
that you'll be found in search engine rankings, read up on search engine optimization.

2. Link exchanging

When you exchange links with relevant, non-competing sites, you add value to your
web site. If your visitors can't find what they're looking for on
your web site, your links may help them. And if you have only high-quality links, you'll
increase the chance that your visitors will come back to your web site.

3. Submit to directories

Submit to major directories like the Open Directory Project and Zeal so that your web
site becomes more visible. Also submit to themed directories with topics relevant to
your web site. Smaller directories may not be too beneficial in terms of web site traffic
but they can give you more inbound links.
4. Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click advertising can help you get more web site traffic. Pay-per-click
advertising is a popular form of advertising where you pay for an ad to be included in
specific search engine results pages. It's easy to lose money with this type of
advertising so get a guide. Pay-per-click advertising can deliver targeted traffic to your
site as interested visitors click on your ad. Make your ad specific and bring them to a
relevant page on your web site.

5. Submit articles

Write excellent articles about your web site's topic. Articles can increase your
reputation and establish you as an expert in your field. Or they can shine a negative
light on you if you submit total garbage. If your articles keep readers interested, then
they may want to visit your site for more information.

6. Word of mouth

Tell everyone you know about your web site. If your web site is excellent or stands out
from the crowd, the word will spread as more and more people hear about it. If it
works, the effect can be huge. So do whatever you can to mention your site in your
daily contact. For example, add an email signature to promote your web site.

7. Traffic exchange

You have to be careful with traffic exchanges. Some programs tend to be very
untargeted as they simply show pages to members. However, there are programs that
can bring in more targeted visitors. Some programs let you show ads so only visitors
who are interested will come to your web site.
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