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					Bayou-a-Drank 2011
Questions by Mike Cheyne
and BADASS! Editors


1. Early scenes in this film see the protagonist impersonating Colonel Toro and then
meeting the new assistant Penelope Smallbone. A long sequence at Sotheby’s is based on
the short story “The Property of a Lady.” Villains in this movie include the identical knife-
throwing twins, Mischka and Grischka, as well as the insane Soviet General Orlov. In the
climax, the protagonist dresses as a clown to prevent a nuclear bomb from exploding at a
West German Air Force base. This film features the Roger Moore played protagonist called
in to investigate fake Faberge eggs that are linked to the villainous Kamal Khan, who is
allied with the India-based title character and her all-female band of smugglers. FTP, what
is this James Bond movie whose title female has a sexually provocative name referencing
an aquatic animal?
         ANSWER: Octopussy

2. One of this group’s songs ends with the lyric “Hey look, mom, no head!” and begins by
saying “The President of the United States of America is dead.” They named one of their
albums after an UN peacekeeper who assisted them in escaping from the Congo. This group
behind “March of the Dogs” and “Underclass Hero” produced a music video which sees the
group compete in a comical diving contest. One of their songs opens with the lyric
“Stormin’ through the party like my name was El Nino,” while another song begins with
“We’re stopping and stalling, we’re running in circles again.” Recurring choruses in their
songs include “I’m trying to keep, up above in my ahead, instead of going under” and “I
don’t wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society.” FTP, what is this
Canadian band whose debut album All Killer, No Filler featured the songs “In Too Deep” and
“Fat Lip”?
       ANSWER: Sum 41

3. This character is stalked by his former subordinate Doctrine Dark. In one appearance, he
says “I know you like to look at yourself on television, you sick son of a bitch!” before
flipping a villain off. Later in that appearance, he proclaims that he’s the collection agency
and the villain’s “ass is six months overdue.” This character is generally motivated to
discover what happened to his friend “Commander Charlie.” One film sees this man lead
Allied Nation forces into Shadaloo. This character has such catch phrases as “Go home and
be a family man!” and “When in doubt, I Sonic Boom!” An Internet meme claimed his theme
song “went with everything” and he was played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in a movie that
pitted him against M. Bison. FTP, who is this member of the Air Force, a character in the
Street Fighter games?
        ANSWER: Guile or Gairu
4. The first cash prize awarded to the winner of this event was given to Australian Robert
de Castella in 1986; prior to that, the winners of this event were given a wreath woven
from olive branches. Bobbi Gibb was the first woman to finish this event, doing so in 1966,
while women were not able to officially register for this event until 1972. When Tarzan
Brown overtook John Kelley in this event in 1936, the fourth of the so-called “Newton Hills”
gained the nickname “Heartbreak Hill,” while other locations in this event include Route
135, Route 16 and Route 30 before finishing at Copley Square. Canadian Jacqueline Gareau
was declared the winner of this event in 1980 after it was discovered that Rosie Ruiz had
skipped most of it and entered about a mile away from the finish line. The highest-attended
sporting event in New England, this is, FTP, what race held each year on Patriots Day?
        ANSWER: the Boston Marathon

5. This is the first word in the title of a song that was used as the beat for the SNL
commercial “Trump’s House of Wings.” That song tells the listener to perform the title
action “if you want to taste my kisses in the night.” This is also the first word in the title of a
song in which the singer says “I’ll serve your ass like John McEnroe.” It is the first word in
both the title of a song that the Prime Minister dances to in Love Actually and of the song
that accompanies the appearances of the Los Angeles Angels’ Rally Monkey. The most
famous song with this title was performed by Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac, who wore their
clothing backwards. Students engage in this title action between the third and fourth
quarters at Wisconsin football games. FTP, what is this action encouraged in the titles of hit
songs by the Pointer Sisters, House of Pain, and Kriss Kross?
        ANSWER: “Jump” (accept word forms, accept “Jump for My Love” and “Jump

6. The first season of this series was filmed in Hammond, Louisiana, which Anne Marie-
Johnson described as being smaller than her high school, before filming moved to
Covington, Georgia. The second season of this series ended with the main character being
kidnapped by two men in pig masks, but this cliffhanger was not explained until halfway
through the next season. That main character of this show was briefly replaced by Tom
Dugan, an undercover FBI agent played by Joe Don Baker, who fails to gain the confidence
of Bubba Skinner and a character played by Howard Rollins. That character earlier moved
from Philadelphia to this show’s main setting of Sparta, Mississippi, and initially did not get
along with police chief Bill Gillespie. FTP, what was this NBC crime drama starring Carroll
O’Connor, based on the 1967 film of the same name?
        ANSWER: In the Heat of the Night

7. Since the NCAA basketball tournament began, this school made one championship game
appearance under coach George King and players like Rick Mount. This school had early
success under coach Ward “Piggy” Lambert. Current Illinois coach Bruce Weber spent
eighteen years here as an assistant coach. This university’s current basketball coach is an
alum who played with Jimmy Oliver and the “Big Dog,” Glenn Robinson. This school was
where future UCLA coach John Wooden played as a guard. With 22, this school has won the
most Big Ten basketball championships, with many of them coming under longtime coach
Gene Keady. This school’s basketball team has had such recent stars as E’Twaun Moore and
Robbie Hummel and is currently coached by Matt Painter. FTP, what is this Big Ten
university which has an in-state rivalry with Indiana?
      ANSWER: Purdue University Boilermakers [accept either underlined part]

8. This man played Stuart Prozakian, who says his occupation is “ass principal” and whose
catch phrase is “I need a catchphrase.” This man played a character who becomes Facebook
friends with Spike Lee after a racist encounter with a Charles Barkley played assistant and
who also has a gay son played by Shia LaBeouf. One of this man’s roles saw his character
only say the word “Pepsi” as a sponsorship gimmick, while he also played former
businessman Ken Mortimer who became a hermit with his avian sidekick Donald.
Appearing as “The Falconer” and as Ted Turner on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, this man’s
best known character always fails to prevent a bomb from being going off and is the son of
a Richard Dean Anderson character. FTP, who is this former Saturday Night Live actor who
played MacGruber?
        ANSWER: Orville Willis “Will” Forte IV

9. One character in this musical has nightmares after reflecting on sins he has committed in
the past, including accusing his brother of stealing a pastry. Later, that character drinks
coffee sorrowfully in a café in Kitguli before driving away this musical’s antagonist by
telling him that he cannot hurt the “undead.” That character in this musical had originally
hoped to be sent to Orlando, and at one point he and his partner are told to turn off their
disappointment and frustration “like a light switch.” Price describes an “All-American
Prophet” in this musical, in which the natives cope with the tyrannical rule of General Butt-
Fucking-Naked by constantly blaspheming. The first of this musical takes place in Provo,
Utah. FTP, what is this musical by Robert Lopez, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone about two
missionaries in Africa?
        ANSWER: The Book of Mormon

10. In one appearance, this character complains to a TV crew about supervillain violence,
asking “Was I away when they changed the rules?” In The Long Halloween, he is shot at but
not slain by Holiday on April Fool’s Day. One cartoon reimagined him as a villain who
looked like a Marilyn Manson-esque goth. In the original Hush series, this character cured
his cancer with a Lazarus Pit, while another cartoon imagined him as an ex computer game
programmer cheated out of his profits. In one film appearance he invents something called
“The Box” which can sap neural energies. In that appearance, he teamed with Two-Face.
Played by such actors as Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey, this character usually wears a
green bodysuit with question marks all over it. FTP, who is this Batman villain who enjoys
posing various brainteasers to the hero?
        ANSWER: The Riddler or Edward Nigma

11. This comedian has written three novels, including My French Whore and The Woman
Who Wouldn’t, and his first film role came as the hostage Eugene Grizzard in the 1967
movie Bonnie and Clyde. After divorcing Mary Mercier and Mary Joan Schultz, this actor
married former Saturday Night Live cast member Gilda Radner, whose death in 1989 led
him to become an advocate of ovarian cancer awareness. Lesser-known film roles by this
comedian include Larry Abbot in Haunted Honeymoon and Dave Lyons in See No Evil, Hear
No Evil, one of several films he made with Richard Pryor. Another role sees this comedian
screaming hysterically at Zero Mostel about being wet and that he wants his blanket, while
yet another casts him as the rival of the candy maker Mr. Slugworth. FTP, who is this
comedian known for playing Leo Bloom in the 1968 version of The Producers?
       ANSWER: Gene Wilder

12. This man’s father hit .363 in 1959 but did not have enough plate appearances to qualify
for the batting title. In his most notable managerial job, this man trailed only Joe Cronin in
the number of games won. His second World Series victory ended on a Seth Smith
strikeout, while another playoff victory came after an Edgar Renteria groundout. This man
won a playoff game in which a player was ruled out for slapping the ball loose from
Bronson Arroyo’s glove. This man immediately won a championship after replacing the
fired Grady Little and was the winning manager of Curt Schilling’s “bloody sock game.” His
dismissal from his most recent gig may have been caused by allegations that pitchers John
Lackey and Jon Lester ate fried chicken and drank beer in the clubhouse during games. FTP,
who is this man, the former coach of the Boston Red Sox?
        ANSWER: Terry “Tito” Francona

13. The final shot of this work is a sign saying “Ocupado” hanging on a bathroom which one
character ignores. The protagonist watches televised images of a Juno-6 keyboard while
wearing a “Mr. Wonderful” t-shirt. An early scene features a close-up of a California license
plate reading “I Heart Ric.” Some shots in this work depict talking covers of magazines like
Nu Wave and Hot Parader. In one scene, the protagonist fantasizes that the title character is
a pole dancer even though she is just working in the kitchen. In the ending scene, the young
protagonist watches the Rachel Hunter played title character while masturbating after
previously watching her wearing only a towel while he is mowing the lawn. FTP, what is
this work, a music video from Fountains of Wayne about the title woman “who’s got it
going on”?
       ANSWER: “Stacy’s Mom” music video

14. In one appearance, this character babbles that “genies are the problem” and that
“quadrant is a weird word when you think about it.” As a young man, he lost every school
competition, including a poetry contest, to a baking soda volcano and an embarrassing viral
video showed him in his underwear skating into a toilet. In another appearance, this
character sings that he has an “intense burning indifference” to Christmas. The founder of
the evil group L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., this character grew up in Gimmelshtump and he is
sometimes aided by his robot Norm and his daughter Vanessa. His nemesis is a semi-
aquatic, fedora-sporting mammal. This character’s aspiration is to conquer the “Tri-State
area” and he usually is last seen shouting “Curse you, Perry the Platypus!” FTP, who is this
mad scientist on Phineas and Ferb?
        ANSWER: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (accept either underlined part) or Doof

15. Before one game, this man had images of the Pac-Man ghosts shaved onto his head. He
once made a defensive play which prompted announcer Paul Allen to scream “This is not
Detroit, man! This is the Super Bowl!” This man trailed only Tim Wilbur in career
interceptions when he graduated from Indiana. In last year’s playoffs, announcer Mike
Mayock imagined Marshawn Lynch saying “Get off me!” after stiff-arming this player as his
team lost to the Seattle Seahawks. This man’s most famous play saw him jump Reggie
Wayne’s route to effectively ice a game in the fourth quarter. Prior to that, he intercepted
Brett Favre’s pass to force overtime in the 2010 NFC Championship game. FTP, who is this
cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, best known for picking off Peyton Manning for a
touchdown in the 2010 Super Bowl?
       ANSWER: Tracy Porter

16. One of this albums songs states, “You made your wallpapers green, you want to make
love to the scene,” while another describes its namesake figure as walking “through the
night with his hair in his face.” Those songs on this album each come after another song
that begins, “Teenage Mary said to Uncle Dave, ‘I sold my soul, I must be saved.’” In additon
to “European Son,” “The Black Angel Death Song” and “Run Run Run,” this album includes
the viola-heavy “Venus in Furs” and several songs featuring the titular vocalist, including
“All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “Sunday Morning.” The cover of this album features a
painting of a stylized yellow banana on a white space with Andy Warhol’s signature in the
bottom-right. FTP, what is this debut album named for the vocalist and band that recorded
it that included Lou Reed on vocals and guitar?
         ANSWER: The Velvet Underground & Nico

17. Randy Newman’s score for this film was thrown out because the director considered it
to be too parody-like. Near the end, the Paul Guilfoyle played Lloyd Sheperd takes a bullet
intended for the main character. This film alternates between the main action and scenes
with Walter Dean and Kathryn Bennett arguing over the right approach. The ending scene
sees the William H. Macy played Major Caldwell killed by the traitorous Agent Gibbs. The
villains in this film are acting to free Kazakhstan dictator General Radek, but they are foiled
at the end when the protagonist escapes to “Liberty 24.” Its most famous scene sees the
protagonist tell the Gary Oldman played Ivan Korshunov, “GET OFF MY PLANE!” FTP, what
is this movie in which Harrison Ford is the President, trapped aboard the title plane?
        ANSWER: Air Force One

18. One character at this location is the improbably named Willy Brandt, who is responsible
for the murder of former mayor Wilson Loewen. In its first appearance, its kitchen was run
by Dino Ortolani. An employee here gave the mentally handicapped Cyril a hand puppet as
part of his treatment and was named Sister Pete. One character at this location is noted for
always wearing a tiny tilted hat. The final episode to feature this location saw one character
die during a production of Macbeth, thanks to the scheming of Chris Keller. Most of the
stories here were narrated by the crippled Augustus Hill. This location is run by Leo Glynn
and Tim McManus, and residents include “Homeboy” leader Simon Adebisi, Aryan Vernon
Schillinger, and the slippery Ryan O’Reilly. FTP, what is this prison, the title location on a
HBO program, which should not be confused with a Judy Garland film?
        ANSWER: Oz or Oswald State Correctional Facility or Emerald City

19. The album Original Gangster says that people dissed this man because they’re jealous. A
Monday Night Football commercial featured its protagonist dreaming about laying down
tracks with this man, who gets irritated at a beeping noise. One of his music videos features
this man in a Speedo with an apparent erection, prompting a reporter to ask “Was there a
sock in there?” Another of his videos saw James Brown enlist him to get the glove of
Michael Jackson. This man had a hit with “Addams Groove” for the Addams Family movie
and produced the album Too Legit to Quit and the song “Pumps and a Bump.” One of his
album titles urged this man to “Don’t Hurt ‘Em” and his biggest hit from that album led to a
lawsuit from Rick James. FTP, who is this parachute pants sporting rapper responsible for
“U Can’t Touch This”?
       ANSWER: MC Hammer or Stanley Kirk Burrell

20. Max von Sydow, who starred in one of the director of this movie’s favorite films, has a
minor role in this movie as the reclusive artist Frederick. After almost accidentally shooting
himself with a rifle, one character in this movie decides not to commit suicide, instead
deciding to either convert to Catholicism or become a Hare Krishna before being comforted
by the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. Another arc in this film sees an unsuccessful actress
played by Dianne West become disappointed when an architect played by Sam Waterston
shows more interest in April, played by Carrie Fisher. This film’s first scene takes place at a
Thanksgiving party hosted by characters played by Mia Farrow and Michael Caine, who is
infatuated with Lee, played by Barbara Hershey. FTP, what is this 1986 Woody Allen movie
about the titular group of female family members?
       ANSWER: Hannah and Her Sisters

TB. This actress played JFK Jr.’s wife in a 2003 TV-movie. In another role, she played a
woman who dates magician Mordor the Unforgiving. One of this woman’s characters tries
to win the affection of Moses Taylor by saying she wants to “get a wrench to strip my nuts”
and earlier turns down Tom Jane by saying “You’re gross.” Another of this actress’
characters is the emotionless superior to the title character at the evil corporation Veridian
Dynamics. Besides playing Veronica on Better Off Ted, her most notable character is
married to potentially gay “analrapist” and has a daughter who becomes a movie studio
executive. This woman’s spouse hosts a namesake talk show that famously features her
dancing. FTP, who is this actress, who played Lindsay on Arrested Development and is
married to Ellen DeGeneres?
       ANSWER: Portia de Rossi or Portia DeGeneres (prompt on “DeGeneres”) or
       Amanda Lee Rogers

1. This game features such partners as Herschel Biggs and Roy Earle. FTPE:
1) Name this 2011 game in which the player portrays Cole Phelps, a World War II veteran,
who keeps running into his old colleague, insurance investigator Jack Kelso.
        ANSWER: L.A. Noire
2) L.A. Noire was produced by this video game company, which also produced the Grand
Theft Auto and Max Payne games.
        ANSWER: Rockstar Games
3) This NBA player has a cameo in L.A. Noire as Christopher Majewski. This man was the
2007 Tulsa World Player of the Year and was on the cover of NCAA Basketball ’10.
        ANSWER: Blake Griffin

2. This character was once abducted by a mental patient named Duane Barry. For 10 points
1) Name this character, who was played by Gillian Anderson, and originally served as the
skeptic partner to the David Duchovny played Fox Mulder.
        ANSWER: Dana Scully (accept either underlined part)
2) Scully was a character on The X-Files, which spun off this program about the title trio of
conspiracy theorists. It lasted a season and then the characters had a heroic demise back on
The X-Files.
        ANSWER: The Lone Gunmen
3) X-Files creator Chris Carter also created Millennium, which featured this character, a
forensic profiler, as the protagonist. His name is the same as an alias used by the frontman
of the Pixies.
        ANSWER: Frank Black (accept either underlined part)

3. This film features a novelist who writes the book Sonata of a Good Man. FTPE:
1) Name this film in which Wiesler is assigned to spy on a playwright named Dreyman, but
gradually becomes entranced by Dreyman and secretly defies his superiors to protect him.
        ANSWER: The Lives of Others or Das Leben der Anderen
2) The Lives of Others takes place in this country, which featured a secret police called the
Stasi, and which came to an end shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
        ANSWER: East Germany or German Democratic Republic (prompt on
3) The Lives of Others won the 2006 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, while the 2007 winner
was this Austrian-German film, which tells the story of Salomon Sorowitsch, a prisoner who
is coerced into working on a Nazi plan to ruin the British economy.
        ANSWER: The Counterfeiters or Die Falscher

4. Identify these things from the life and times of John McEnroe, FTPE:
1) McEnroe had several notable rivalries, including those with Bjorn Borg, Ivan Lendl, and
this former world number one player. This American tennis player is the only person ever
to win U.S. Open singles championships on grass, clay, and hard courts.
        ANSWER: James Scott “Jimmy” Connors
2) McEnroe first used this phrase while shouting at an umpire during a 1981 match at
Wimbledon. Also the title of his autobiography, he said it on an episode of 30 Rock as the
host of the fictional game show Gold Case.
ANSWER: “You cannot be serious!”
3) McEnroe was the host of this real-life ABC game show in 2002. This game show involved
hooking contestants up to a heart rate monitor and then forcing them to endure
“heartstopper” events, such as sitting in front of a live alligator for fifteen seconds.
        ANSWER: The Chair

5. This film suggests its antagonist is the son of the Anthony Hopkins played Hrothgar.
1) Name this 2007 film, which used motion capture animation to tell the story of Ray
Winstone as the title warrior who fights Grendel and his mother.
        ANSWER: Beowulf
2) This actor played Grendel in Beowulf. This eccentric performer is best known for playing
George McFly in the Back to the Future films.
        ANSWER: Crispin Glover
3) Alison Lohman appears in Beowulf as Beowulf’s concubine. She previously played
Angela, the daughter of obsessive-compulsive con artist Roy Waller in this 2003 Ridley
Scott movie.
        ANSWER: Matchstick Men

6. In this song, the singer says he will love the listener until “the clover has lost its
perfume.” FTPE:
1) Name this song, generally associated with Johnny Mathis, in which the singer says he
will love the listener until the title date, which is “a long, long time.”
        ANSWER: “The Twelfth of Never”
2) This country singer covered the song as a duet in 2005. She was the original performer
of “I Will Always Love You” and also sang the title song of a film she appeared in, 9 to 5.
        ANSWER: Dolly Parton
3) This song, written by the Bee Gees, was a more successful duet for Dolly Parton. She
teamed with Kenny Rogers for this song, which proclaims the two are the title objects and
that “they rely on each other, ha ha.”
        ANSWER: “Islands in the Stream”

7. Identify these things about a short-lived TV show, FTPE:
1) This 2011 mid-season replacement starred David Lyons as Vince Faraday, a disgraced
police officer who assumes the identity of the titular superhero. NBC cancelled this show
after nine episodes.
        ANSWER: The Cape
2) James Frain appeared as Peter Fleming, the billionaire alter ego to this nemesis of The
Cape. This super villain’s sidekicks are appropriately named Rook and Knight.
       ANSWER: Chess
3) This actor had a recurring role on The Cape as Samuel, Peter Fleming’s psychiatrist. He
may be better known for his movie roles, such as those in M*A*S*H and Bob & Carol &Ted &
       ANSWER: Elliott Gould or Elliott Goldstein

8. This pitcher was dubbed “the human rain delay” because of the length of time it took for
him to pitch. FTPE:
1) Name this pitcher who, as a Chicago Cub, gave up Mark McGwire’s record-breaking 62nd
home run in 1998. He was also noted for his 2001 to 2006 tenure with the New York Mets.
        ANSWER: Steve Trachsel
2) McGwire broke the single season home run record of this man, a New York Yankee who
broke Babe Ruth’s record in 1961 while playing with Mickey Mantle.
        ANSWER: Roger Maris
3) Trachsel also pitched for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, just like this pitcher, whom the Mets
infamously traded for Scott Kazmir. He proved to be a major flop and hasn’t been in the
majors since 2007.
        ANSWER: Victor Zambrano

9. This film has a fake commercial in which a bear says “I prefer Genaros, but what do I
know? I’m a bear!” FTPE:
1) Name this film in which criminal Harry Lockhart is confused for a method actor and ends
up teaming with the Val Kilmer played private detective “Gay” Perry.
        ANSWER: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2) Harry Lockhart is played by this actor, who has more recently played Sherlock Holmes
alongside Jude Law’s Dr. Watson. He played a method actor in the film Tropic Thunder.
        ANSWER: Robert Downey Jr.
3) Downey also appeared in this film, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick work. Its odd look
was achieved by being filmed digitally, then animated using rotoscope over the original
        ANSWER: A Scanner Darkly

10. Identify the following about Elvis Presley songs, FTPE:
1) Elvis sang that “since my baby left me,” he found a new place to dwell at the title sad
institution in this 1956 song, his first number-one pop record.
        ANSWER: “Heartbreak Hotel”
2) This late Elvis song became a number one hit in 1969, helping to revive his career,
although it was his last number one song. This song’s chorus says “we can’t go on together”
with the title phenomenon.
        ANSWER: “Suspicious Minds”
3) This song, based on the Italian standard “O Sole Mio,” was actually Elvis’ best selling
single ever. After the title phrase, Elvis sings “come hold me tight, kiss me, my darling, be
mine tonight.”
        ANSWER: “It’s Now or Never”

11. This former player currently works as a sideline reporter for NFL games on Fox. FTPE:
1) This former defensive lineman appeared as Frankie Cortese on four episodes of The
Sopranos. He helped the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl in 2001.
       ANSWER: Anthony “Tony” Siragusa
2) The Colts signed Siragusa as an undrafted free agent from this university in 1990. The
football team for this Big East school is currently coached by Todd Graham.
       ANSWER: University of Pittsburgh or Pitt
3) Siragusa was fined following the 2001 AFC Championship game for an illegal hit on this
Raiders quarterback. This quarterback led the Raiders to a loss in the Super Bowl against
the Bucaneers two years later.
       ANSWER: Richard Joseph “Rich” Gannon

12. This actress played the third oldest child in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. FTPE:
1) Name this actress whose other films include Raise Your Voice and a movie where she
reprised her most prominent television role, The Lizzie McGuire Movie.
        ANSWER: Hilary Duff
2) The oldest daughter in the Cheaper by the Dozen films is played by this actress, who
played the protagonist in Coyote Ugly and can currently be seen in the lead role of Annie
Walker on the TV show Covert Affairs.
        ANSWER: Piper Perabo
3) In this Hilary Duff film, she plays a character whose online pen pal is really a handsome
guy played by Chad Michael Murray. The two meet each other at a Halloween party but she
leaves before he knows her true identity.
        ANSWER: A Cinderella Story

13. Answer the following about children’s programs that aired on PBS, FTPE:
1) Two game shows adapted from computer games asked “where in the world” and “where
in time” was this slippery female thief, who was rarely captured on such shows due to the
impossible endgame.
       ANSWER: Carmen Sandiego
2) PBS also featured the exploits of Lamb Chop, the sassy puppet belonging to this female
ventriloquist, who died in 1998.
       ANSWER: Shari Lewis
3) This program theoretically made learning about math fun and featured such segments as
the cop show parody Mathnet and a parody of Pac-Man called Mathman.
       ANSWER: Square One Television

14. This singer released the 2000 album A Day Without Rain. FTPE:
1) Name this female Irish singer, whose album Watermark featured the best song ever
about a South American river, “Orinoco Flow.”
       ANSWER: Enya or Enya Patricia Ni Brennan
2) This Enya song received much airplay after the 9/11 attacks. It famously begins with
“who can say where the road goes, where the day flows.”
       ANSWER “Only Time”
3) This Enya song, recorded for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was Oscar
nominated at the 2001 awards. It should not be confused with “Aniron,” although it also
contains elvish words.
       ANSWER: “May It Be”

15. In the final season, this character eviscerated a sniper to retrieve a phone card he
swallowed. FTPE:
1) Name this Kiefer Sutherland played character, who tortured his way through eight
seasons of 24.
        ANSWER: Jack Bauer (accept either underlined part)
2) This fictional African nation was the setting of the 24 TV-movie, Redemption, and bad
guys from this country, such as Ike Dubaku and Benjamin Juma, appeared in the seventh
        ANSWER: Sangala
3) Benjamin Juma was defeated in the seventh season thanks to the sacrifice of Bill
Buchanan, who received this tribute awarded during the deaths of beloved supporting
characters on 24.
        ANSWER: “Silent Clock” (accept anything that indicates a clock is ticking but no

16. This is the film debut of Justin Long, who plays the devoted fan Brandon. FTPE:
1) Name this comedy film starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver, whose plot involves
aliens mistaking the cast of the title science fiction show for real life space adventurers.
       ANSWER: Galaxy Quest
2) This actor plays Guy Fleegman, who spends the whole movie worried he is going to die.
He has also appeared as a Lunar Industries employee in Moon and as the villainous Justin
Hammer in Iron Man 2.
       ANSWER: Sam Rockwell
3) The only other film the director of Galaxy Quest, Dean Parisot, has filmed since then was
this 2005 movie in which the title couple, played by Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni, turn to crime
after Carrey’s character goes broke.
       ANSWER: Fun with Dick and Jane

17. Identify these songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, FTPE:
1) The four-hour documentary about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shares its name
with this song. Released in 1989, this song begins, “It was a beautiful day, the sun beat
down, I had the radio on, I was driving.”
       ANSWER: “Running Down a Dream”
2) This song from Damn the Torpedoes was the band’s first top ten single. This song tells of
someone who is “gonna tell you lies, cut you down to size.”
       ANSWER: “Don’t Do Me Like That”
3) This song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Stevie Nicks appeared on the latter’s
debut solo album. In this song, Petty makes the titular request after noting that, “I know
you really want to be your own girl.”
       ANSWER: “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

18. Identify these actors who appeared in the 1987 classic The Princess Bride, FTPE:
1) This child actor played the boy whose sick day causes the Peter Falk-played Grandfather
to come read to him. This actor is probably more famous for playing Kevin Arnold on The
Wonder Years.
       ANSWER: Frederick Aaron “Fred” Savage
2) This actor played Inigo Montoya, whose name it is difficult to forget. Also the head
reaper on Dead Like Me, this actor played Special Agent Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds.
       ANSWER: Mandel Bruce “Mandy” Patinkin
3) This actor played the self-described criminal mastermind Vizzini, who is hired by Prince
Humperdink to capture Buttercup. This actor has also appeared in Clueless as Mr. Hall and
the Toy Story movies as the voice of Rex.
       ANSWER: Wallace Shawn

19. Identify some other Chicago Bulls who are not Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen, FTPE:
1) This player, nicknamed “the worm,” already had championships with the Detroit Pistons
before he came to the Bulls. He was noted for his dyed hair and his brief marriage to
Carmen Electra.
        ANSWER: Dennis Rodman
2) This guard was noted for his three point shooting skills. He later won some more titles
with the Spurs and then served as the General Manager of the Phoenix Suns from 2007 to
        ANSWER: Steve Kerr
3) This center was the first Australian to play in the NBA and won three titles with the
Bulls. He was then traded to the Phoenix Suns, where Wikipedia claims he was stung by a
scorpion while sitting at home.
        ANSWER: Luc Longley

20. Noel Gallagher accused this song of stealing the chord progression from “Wonderwall.”
1) Name this song in which the singer walks a lonely road and whose chorus features him
lamenting that “My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me.”
        ANSWER: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
2) Appearing on the album American Idiot, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a song by
Green Day, a band fronted by this vocalist and guitarist. This musician was kicked off of a
Southwest Airlines flight for having baggy pants in September 2011.
        ANSWER: Billie Joe Armstrong
3) The American Idiot stage musical featured this musician as the second man to play the
role of “Will.” He released the album Stranger Things Have Happened, but is still best known
for coming in second to the performer of “My Life Would Suck Without You.”
        ANSWER: Justin Guarini or Justin Bell

21. This song was notoriously featured in the series finale of The Sopranos. FTPE:
1) Name this song about a “small town girl” and a “city boy, born and raised in south
Detroit.” The two characters take “the midnight train goin’ anywhere.”
       ANSWER: “Don’t Stop Believin’”
2) “Don’t Stop Believin’” was a hit for this San Francisco based group, whose best known
lead singer was Steve Perry.
       ANSWER: Journey
3) This guitarist is the only member of Journey to have recorded on all of the group’s
albums. He teamed with composer Jan Hammer for albums like Untold Passion and Here to
       ANSWER: Neal Schon

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