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  Unearth The Beauty Of Chopta During Uttarakhand Tour
  By animasharma99 on August 3, 2012

  Garhwal is believed to be one of the most picturesque and beautiful in Asia. It is also a very
  famous and popular place for hikers. Not limited to professional hikers, but even families can
  come and enjoy hiking here.

  This trek can be completed in Garhwal 5-6 days. You can begin your trip to Delhi and then go
  to Rishikesh, Chopta, Deoriatal, Tungnath, Auli, and then back to Rishikesh and Delhi. This
  will give a mixture of rides, walks and drives through scenic and majestic views of the Green
  Mountains. This trek is particularly good for families with young children. Chandrashila Chopta
  trekking in Uttarakhand - a destination virgin natural beauty which is in the final laps of the
  Himalayas Uttarakhand is accessible by road in the Delhi-Kedarnath road.                             Featured Stories

  Tucked at a height of 2,600 m above sea level, Chopta is picturesque hill station in
  Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The whole place is covered with trees and
  rhododendrons; deodar is easily explored on foot. Trekking is a popular activity at this
  mountainous site. This task is carried out adventure for those who are interested in visiting
  the temple Tungnath, located about 3 to 4 km. The sacred temple is located at a height of
  3680 m above sea level and is one of the biggest temples devoted to Lord Shiva.

  While trekking from Chopta to Tungnath Mandir, visitors can feast their eyes with their
  spectacular views of the Himalayas. If you are interested to submit to hiking in this area, then
  you need to take the train from Delhi to reach Haridwar, a sacred destination in Uttarakhand.
  Upon arrival at Haridwar, you will not be able to refrain from visiting the temples located on the
  banks of the sacred Ganges. If so, then consider staying at a hotel near Har Ki Pauri and set
  your plan in accordance.
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  After enjoying Haridwar tour, you can consider of traveling to Devprayag, situated 49 km away
  the holy town of Uttarakhand. On the way there is the chance to camp on the banks of River
  Ganga. After hours refreshing in the camps, you can consider the descent of the holy river.
  There are a few tour operators that are known to offer rafting boats and experienced guides
  in the rafters who visit the site. You can consider seeking help from them and have
  memorable rafting trips.

  After the adventure rafting tour, you can go for a drive through Devariyatal Ukhimath. In
  Devariyatal, have a chance to walk for about two hours to get the stunning lake. While hiking,
  you can also take pleasure of the views of the river Mandakini and Alaknanda valley. As you
  continue across the dense forest, which gradually reach Chopta. At this beautiful destination,
  you can think staying in hotels. But if you think you can still go on your journey, and then
  consider the climb to the temple of Tungnath.
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  After experiencing a religious tour in Tungnath temple, you can also visit Bagwan. It will just
  take 4 hours drive from Chopta to reach Bagwan. Here you can enjoy rafting adventure tour
  and discover the meeting point of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers.

  However, rafting and trekking can be a bit difficult if you do not receive proper guidance in
  certain places. To make certain safe travel, you can consider contacting some tour operators
  in India who are specialize in providing adventure tourism packages. Upon receiving travel
  assistance from reliable sources, you can expect to enjoy life's journey.

  The author is the expert writer having vast experience about the travel industry. Currently she
  is writing on various topics related to Adventure companies like: cycling tours
  india, alaknanda rafting, valley of flowers, rafting rishikesh, trekking himalayas etc.

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Tags: Chopta
Description: Garhwal is believed to be one of the most picturesque and beautiful in Asia. It is also a very famous and popular place for hikers. Not limited to professional hikers, but even families can come and enjoy hiking here.