Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss a Fad

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					                        Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss a Fad?

       I came across a post on a weight loss web site this morning which grasped my attention and I
simply felt I had to do my best to set the record straight. Unhappily for me, and many other
hypnotherapists, the author made a very valid point.

        The author had come to the conclusion that hypnosis for weight loss was just a fad. Now,
before we go any further I want to say that I do not agree with this statement. However, I can see how
they had arrived at their decision. Their article pointed out the inevitable fact that to lose weight
successfully you have to change your lifestyle. In fact, this is what they said:-

         "Having a healthy body is not a onetime investment. You need to change your lifestyle in
case you want to lose weight. All these claims that are being made about weight loss and hypnosis
have no back up proof! Everyday there is some or the other "new and improved" way to lose weight
that attracts hordes of people towards it. But, ultimately one has to return back to the basic, eating
healthy food and exercising. Hypnotism is one such FAD that is getting popularity. Although
hypnotism can be used to relax your mind off stress, it really cannot be used to make an individual got
from fat to fit. And that is a sure FACT!" (

       Unfortunately everything is open to abuse, even those which are good and beneficial.
Hypnosis is no exception.

        In the right hands, hypnosis can be used to create wonderful benefits as it allows you to
connect with the subconscious mind. This means that hypnosis can be used to assist in everything in
life which has a psychological element, including ones approach to weight loss.

        Hypnosis, per se, is not going to burn up calories or exercise your limbs for you. But it can
get you into the right frame of mind to want to exercise, to enjoy exercise and to eat in a healthier
manner. Hypnosis can be used to get you to feel more energetic and to see your world from a different
        Successful weight loss depends upon your attitude towards it and if you want to use hypnosis
to get your mind around the pesky subject of weight loss then you can do just this. Hypnosis can be
used to create a state of mind which is positive, motivated and conducive to success.

        Hypnosis can however be abused by the hypnotist or affiliate marketer making unbelievable
or hyped up claims and it can also be abused by those who don't really give it a fair try. Hypnosis is
open to abuse from both ends.

        If you look to hypnosis to "do it for you" you are not giving it a real shot - "trying is lying".
Do you try to go to the gym or do you go to the gym? Do you try to go shopping or do you just shop?
There is a BIG difference in the outcome which you experience and it all hinges on how you prepared
yourself mentally right at the beginning.

         I can see how someone could come to the conclusion that hypnosis is a fad; but in defense of
hypnosis I have to say that this is not everyone's viewpoint. Hypnosis is only a fad approach to weight
loss by those who treat it as such.

         For those who really want hypnosis to work for them then I urge you to read up on the
subject. Look at all the scientific research into hypnosis which is readily available; arm yourself with
information and then make an informed choice as to whether you can make hypnosis work for you.
I'm not going to point you to a particular place; the information is out there for you to find and to
make your own decision about.

        Hypnosis is not a quick fix. It's a natural tool which allows you to see things from a different
angle. If you only use it as a quick fix, then you are the one who turns it into a fad instead of a
valuable and beneficial therapeutic aid.

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