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  By animasharma99 on August 2, 2012                                                         
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  For those planning to explore the rapacious ridges, the aroma of flowers and idyllic rural life      Work and Study Towards Your RN to BSN
  once, be able to plan a trip to Valley of Flowers. The fascinating destination is in the upper       Degree, 100% Online. Apply Now!
  expansions Bhyundar Ganges in Chamoli district of Uttaranchal.                                       Security Mgmt Degree
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  As its name implies, Valley of Flowers is blessed with over 300 species of flowers. Its flower is    Online. Accredited. Enroll Now
  blowing magical appeal during the monsoons, which draws nature lovers for hiking in the high
  ranges. The hiking trails are dotted with native species of flowers like orchids, poppies,
  primulas, marigolds, daisies, anemones, etc. To move through the vegetation, explorers can
  have a wonderful view of the Ganga Bhyundar in the remote Himalayan Garhwal. The flow               Featured Stories
  Pushpawati gushing river, overlooked by the sky-peak Rataban room adds to the perfect
  image page. It extends over an area of 87.5 and promises to deliver a travel experience
  of euphoria to the lovers of adventure.

  The route starts from hiking to Joashimath Govindghat Ghangaria, Valley of Flowers Hemkund
  Sahib Park. As you pass through the thick alpine forest, one can find the whole place abode
  with many species in danger of extinction of animals and birds like the Himalayan black beer,
  Himalayan mouse hare, musk deer, brown bears, Bharal, snow leopard and blue sheep.

  The upper and lower slopes of Valley of Flowers are also home to peoples unexplored. With
  the task of enjoying the breath-taking hiking, hikers can look out the life of the people,
  traditions and tribal customs that prevail in the hills.

  Nanda Devi National Park:                                                                           10 Hottest Vacation Spots
  Nanda Devi National Park is the livelihood of this valleys people and a major source of
  attraction for tourists. If you've been here you write the beauty and charm of this place will
  have long enduring effect and no doubt be glad of your visit to this place. There is much to
  explore in this animal park as rare and endangered Asian black bear to Snow Leopard for the
  brown bear and blue sheep. Similarly, those who are particularly interested in the flowers that
  never get to see the variety and color of flowers to be found here. With over hundreds of
  species of rare and colorful flowers such as marigolds, daisies, anemones, rhododendrons,
  orchids, poppies and primroses that visitors never ask for more after visiting this place.

  Nearby Excursions:

  Besides the beauty of regional flora, this grass flower is also surrounded by some exotic
  locations. Some of the tours near Valley of the flowers are as follows:
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  Hemkund Sahib: Hemkund Saheb is a popular hiking and place of pilgrimage for Hindus and
  Sikhs. It is only 15 km of walking Govindghat. A quiet lake called Hemkund (4329) also found
  here. There is a Gurudwara and Laxman temple built very near to this lake which is visited by
  a large number of devotees each year.

  Joshimath: One of the famous Hindus pilgrimage destinations located in Uttarakhand.It is
  said that 8th century, Adi Guru Shankaracharya has established Joshimath. Temples of Nav
  Durga and Narsingh are available here. It is a home for Valley of Flowers trek.

  Activities To Do:

  Valley of Flowers is a paradise for hikers and photographers. It is the best destination for
  hiking and photography. Strolling through the region, you can capture some beautiful lace as
  a memoir of his journey.                                                                            Seriously Awesome Celebrity Homes

  So when every you plan a trip to Uttrakhand and if you have time in your hand than make a
  trip to this fairyland and fall in love with the view of the nature.

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Description: For those planning to explore the rapacious ridges, the aroma of flowers and idyllic rural life once, be able to plan a trip to Valley of Flowers.