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Saturday 12th April 2008

               Batelco Continues to Roll Out Next Generation Network

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading integrated telecommunications provider is on target with
the rollout of its NGN (Next Generation Network) services. The Company is now in the
final phase of its $57 million investment to complete the ambitious Batelco project to
deliver automated Broadband access to all residences in the Kingdom, and make Bahrain
the first country in the world with complete countrywide broadband.

The migration has already been completed in the Northern and Southern Governorate and
a further 2 areas, Mahooz and Gudabiya are being migrated to the new services on 14th
April and 30th April respectively, between the hours of 2am and 4am.

NGN services facilitate triple play (Voice, Data & Video) on a single line which
traditionally only carried voice telephone services. The service will allow new customers
to connect to Batelco Broadband Internet within one day, from a process that usually took
two weeks prior to migration.

“Batelco’s NGN will deliver our promise to bring affordable broadband access to all of
Bahrain’s households and enable an e-lifestyle for all residents sharing information,
education and entertainment” said Batelco Group Board Secretary & Company
spokesman Ahmed Al Janahi.

The project which will be completed by the end of Q3 this year, will put Batelco’s
customers among the best connected in the world.
“Batelco continues to invest millions annually in Bahrain’s infrastructure. Since 1981 the
Company has invested $1.4 billion, to ensure residents can avail of world class
communications services, and further improve Bahrain’s competitiveness by positioning
the Kingdom as a natural choice for communications intensive companies to locate their
regional headquarters,” concluded Mr. Al Janahi.


This press release has been issued by Batelco’s Corporate Affairs department.
For further information, please contact:
Batelco Group Board Secretary & Company Spokesman Ahmed Al Janahi
TEL: +973 1788 4337, e-mail:
About Batelco
Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) is the leading integrated
communications provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain and an emerging force among the
regions key telecommunications players.

Batelco serves both the corporate and consumer markets in the most liberalised and
competitive environment in the Middle East, and remains committed to delivering
cutting-edge telecommunications to its customers in Bahrain and the MENA region. The
Company’s management and staff are driven by an enthusiasm for delivering the best
customer experience based on innovation, affordability and reliability of products and

Batelco’s specialised services cover the full spectrum of telecommunications solutions
for residential and business customers and span a comprehensive range of mobile
services, international roaming, high-speed Internet connections, satellite services, WiFi,
MPLS IP-VPN network provisioning and management, Datacoms services over fixed,
wireless and internet platforms, managed services, systems integration and enterprise

Batelco has invested US$1.4 billion in Bahrain’s telecom infrastructure over the past 26
years, including significant investment in Next Generation Networks infrastructure which
has reinforced the Kingdom’s position as a leading communications hub. The Company’s
shares are listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange with a total capitalization of approx US$
3.2 billion as of February 2008.

With an ongoing strategy to grow overseas, the Batelco Group incorporates joint venture
operations in Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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