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									James Tenney Attorney
  Atlanta Offers High
Quality Legal Advice and
James Tenney attorney Atlanta has been
providing expert legal advice to individuals,
professionals and business entities for
many years. He is often the preferred
choice for professional legal services. His
areas of specialization cover business
planning,     business     law,    business
acquisitions and divestitures, domestic and
international estate planning, asset
protection as well as domestic and
international taxation.
He has also provided expert legal counsel
to his clients in negotiating mergers and
acquisitions. James Tenney has extensive
expertise in areas related to taxation and
finance. Throughout these years, James
Tenney attorney Atlanta has guided many
business owners in making vital business
decisions. His clients have used his advice
to better position their business units by
reducing taxes and avoiding legal risks
associated with business transactions.
He has helped corporations, professionals
and individuals on various aspects of
taxation and personal finance. James
Tenney attorney Atlanta has authored for
several trade publications on aspects of
finance, law and taxation. His legal articles
are read by professionals and students to
get an understanding about complex legal
terms in a simple way.
James Tenney attorney Atlanta is a
member of a number of bar associations
such as the American Bar Association, the
Tennessee       Bar     Association,   the
International Bar Association, the State
Bar of Georgia and others. He also holds a
license to practice law in Georgia and
Tennessee. He is a Certified Public
Accountant licensed in the State of
Georgia. He received his undergraduate
degree (B.S.) in finance and law degree
(J.D.) from University of Tennessee.
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