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									             Robert Carr civil society Network Fund
             for global and regional HIV/AIDS civil society and community networks
      Request for Proposals — April 2012 — Application & Budget Form
Section A. Eligibility Assessment
Please answer Yes or No to the questions below by deleting the answer that does not apply
to your organization.
1.    Is the organization a registered nonprofit or charity, non-governmental organization    Yes
      (NGO) or community-based organization (CBO)?i
2.    Does the organization focus on HIV/AIDS and directly related issues (at least 75% of    Yes
      activities and spending)?
3.    Does your organization focus on people living with HIV and other inadequately served    Yes
4.    Do people living with HIV living with HIV and other inadequately served populations     Yes
      serve on the board of the organization?
5.    Does the organization involve people living with HIV and other inadequately served      Yes
      populations in the development and implementation of programs and activities?
6.    Does your organization have an annual budget of less than USD 10,000,000?               Yes

The above assessment provides an indication of the aims of the RC-NF. If you responded “No” to several of the
questions above, it is likely that your application is not in line with the scope of this RFP.

Section B. Organization Contact Details
For guidance on the items to be completed, please see the Application Instructions
Organization Name:           The Socio-Economic Development Association-SEDA
Postal Address:              [Athokpam Awang Leikai-Thoubal-795138-
Legal Address:               [If different from Postal Address]

Contact Person:              Sagolsem Inaobi Singh
Telephone:                   [+91 3848 201279]               Telephone (alternative):   +91
Fax:                         +91 3848 213212                 Skype:                     ISingh
E-mail:                           Website:                   http://sedamanipur.bbnow.

Section C. Organization Background
For guidance on the items to be completed, please see the Application Instructions
Mission statement:           [The Socio-Economic Development Association-SEDA, Manipur (India) is
                             rights-based organization that fight for Sustainability for livelihood of
                             disadvantaged , underprivileged and vulnerable community(Economy,
                             Society and Environment- the pillars of Sustainability) of their Health, and
                             injustice by linking grassroots programming (through partner NGOs) to local,
                             national and global advocacy and policy-making. SEDAMANIPUR’s work is
                             framed by our commitment to five broad rights-based aims: the right to a
                             sustainable livelihood, the right to health development, the right to life and
                             security, the right to sustainable economy and the right to equality and gender.

                             SEDAMANIPUR's vision is to create a more equal, just, and sustainable
                             livelihood for all. The overarching vision of SEDAMANIPUR is "right to life
                             with three pillars of sustainability (economy, Society and Environment).”
                             SEDAMANIPUR will fulfil its vision by empowering the poor, disadvantaged
                             and underprivileged people to access better health for sustainable livelihood. ]

Legal status:                [Non-Governmental Organization.]
Country of registration:     India
Registered since:            [1984]
History:                     [Our organization is a non-governmental organization, non-religiuos, non-political,
                             non-sectarian, non-proffering and secular making voluntary body. It seeks to raise the
                             economic, social education and cultural infrastructure of the village and no
                             irrespective of age, sex, rank, nationality caste, and creed etc. SEDA, a Manipur
                             based Indian NGO, registered a public societies act in August 1984 has been running
                             its activities at North East India for the last 23 years. It is committed to work the
                             empowerment of sustainable livelihood development in health by providing access to
                             and promoting health and educational initiatives within school
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