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									                Combat Data Thefts with Data Protection Solutions

Data protection is crucial today regardless of a company being large, medium or small scale in its size.
Advancements in internet technology and social networking has made data theft a regular occurrence,
which takes place either by choice or accident. Security breaches can put confidential customer data
at risk, result in brand erosion and revenue loss. This apart, today vital information is not only stored
on computers or laptops, it is also stored on other devices such as cell phones, USB drives, iPods and
many more. Expert hackers and social engineers today comes up sophisticate data theft attacks in the
form of Malware, Phishing and Spyware that can rob a company of its confidential data and even
corrupt the computing device.

Furthermore, sometime back LinkedIn, the popular professional networking forum announced that
approximately 6.5 million passwords related to user accounts had been compromised. This LinkedIn
Social Network breach was discovered when the passwords were posted on a Russian forum by a
hacker. Hence, just having data backups and anti-spyware programs may not be sufficient today.
Companies need to invest in advanced data protection programs that would help in setting up an
overall data security strategy that can be customized as per the company’s requirements.

Keeping all these factors in mind, eminent solution providers of risk management frameworks have
successfully launched data protection solutions. The services they offer differentiated them from other
generic market players. Some of them are:

        Strategy and Design

During this phase the company examines your data protection needs and sets up an efficient data
classification policy and strategy. It further analyzes any crucial data based on aspects such as, who
owns and creates it, how it is used and shared and other similar aspects. Depending on this assessment
of these risks, a data protection framework is designed.

        Control and Integration

In this phase, the company enables you to deploy high-end security and data protection technologies,
for instance, information/digital rights management, data leakage prevention and other encryption
tools. They offer project management and technical deployment expertise for effective execution as
per the design criteria.

        Sustenance and Optimization

During this phase, the company helps you to optimize and fine tune the execution of technology for
minimizing false positives, KPI reporting and implementing a robust consequence and an incident
management framework for continuous vigilance.

Therefore when you partner with a leading data protection solutions provider, enterprises can deploy a
comprehensive data protection framework across the information lifecycle. Leading service providers
today adopt a holistic approach by including data classification, data flow analysis and tools like data
loss prevention (DLP), information rights management (IRM) in their data protection service portfolio.

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