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									3 Main Ways
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We have seen in our previous topic, how to increase your traffic.

In some circumstances, you may need to increase your traffic immediately or to
boost it in order to spread a new product or an offer or or simply to implement
your viral marketing. Well there is 3 easy to do that and we will explain them
now. You can: Buy targeted traffic to your site, email to your list, or make a Joint

To buy fast and immediate traffic, you will need to go to google or one of the
other alternatives like overture from yahoo..

You may need to know how to use google adwords first, there is excellent ebooks
on this subject, that will save you a lot of money, and avoid your ad to be

That type or advertising is called Pay Per Click advertising. You will set a daily
budget for your campaign, and you will only pay when some one make a click on
your link. You will be able to see your ad on the right table of the page, when you
search for specific keywords.

You will need to track your campaign.

For example, you can buy 3 different advertising sources, pay the same price for
each, then track with a software which advertising gives you more results.
Then go on, like that you will save your money.

The second way is to email to your list. You must understand the sale process. In
a nutshell, visitors are surfing they fall on your site, but they probably won' t
come back except if you offer them an incentive, or newsletter, something that
will bring them back:

You can send a promotional email, twice a month or once

Send valuable information between the promotional offer.

The last tip for immediate traffic is Joint Venture.

You have to get other websites to send email to their list, place your link on their
website, and you will pay them only when they process a sale.
Pay them 50% or more.

And make the sale easy for them, prepare for them the subject and body of the
emails, prepare the affiliate link they will put on their websites, and any other
material you can use.

And who knows, you will maybe find some good friends out there.
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