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Homeopathic treatment for leukemia


Leukemia is group of diseases of the bone marrow involving the uncontrolled increase of leukocytes.

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									                Homeopathic treatment for leukemia


Leukemia is group of diseases of the bone marrow involving the uncontrolled increase of

For more information on a specific type of leukemia, look at the following:

        Hairy cell leukemia
        Leukemia (CML) chronic hiboginos
        Leukemia lymphocytic acute (all)
        Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
        Leukemia (AML) acute hiboginos

Signs & tests

As the symptoms and signs of cancer are vary depending on the type and location of the
tumor. Common tests include:

        TB
        Blood profile (CBC)
        Blood chemistry
        Biopsy of the tumor
        Marrow bone biopsy (leukemia or lymphoma)
        The x-ray
Most cases are diagnosed of cancer, biopsy. Depending on where the tumor, biopsy may be
serious or simple operations. Most cancer patients undergo a scanner to decide the exact
location of the tumor or tumors.

Difficult to diagnose the cancer process. However, it is important to discuss the type and the
size and localization of cancer on your doctor to diagnose. You can also ask about discourse
options and their profits and risks.

It is a adept idea to have someone on you doctor's Office CAN help you in the diagnosing. If
you have any problems, ask questions about your diagnosis after hearing, the person that you
add on you ask them as you.


The symptoms of cancer are based on the type and locating of the tumor. For example, lung
cancer can cause cough, shortness of breath or chest pain, although colon cancer much causes
diarrhea and constipation, cough, blood in stool

Some cancers may have no symptoms at all. For some cancers, as gallbladder cancer and
symptoms are often non-existent until the disease reached an advance stage.

However, the adopting symptoms are basic on most types of cancer:

       Fever
       Shivers
       Night sweats
       Loss of appetite
       Weight loss
       Fatigue
       Malaise


Homeopathic medicine mainly leukaemia or blood cancer treatment if 80% of the successive
healing. Using the main medicine by advising Dr. Monjur Ul Kabir ( DHMS) Bangladesh,
the medicine are:

       Ars.alb
       Zinc metallicum
       Ferrum metallicum
       Belladonna
       Sulphar
       Thuja
       Carsinosin
       Ginkgo Biloba
       Ferrum Phos
       Typhoidinum ( if patient had typhoid before leukemia)
       Natrum Sulp
       Kali Phos

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