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When we surf on the internet, we all need a guide. For me, and I am sure
for most of you, that guide is Google.
However, do we know how to take advantage from all this guide is offering
us? In the next article, I will try to present the operators used in
searching along with some words with special significations.


The minus operator (-) can be used for terms you want excluded from your
If you put a phrase in (“) Google will display the result containing that

The stop words

These words will be excludes from Google searching because Google is
considering them very usual ones (for ex. “to”). If you want your
searching to contain those particular words you will have to use the plus
operator (+) before them.

Memorized page

Google acquires an image of each examined page during its checks on
internet, and keeps it in case the original page is not available. If you
click on the“Cache” link, you will see the page in the same format it was
when indexed.

Similar pages

If you click on “Similar pages”, Google will give you similar pages with
that page. This function is useful if you want to buy a product with the
lowest price.


Google can be used in the same time as a calculator. All you have to do
is to write the equation in the search box and to press enter.

Ex. 5*658*89+56

Special words

Some words, if followed by two points (:) , get a special meaning for
Google. It is very important not to put spaces between (:) and the next
word because in that case, those words will not going to have that
special function but simply searching terms.

You can also use Google for definition of some words. You must use the
word “define” and the word whose definition you are looking for.

Searching on specified site

If you want your search to contain only results from a specified site you
have to use the word “site” followed by it address and searching terms.

Connections to a page

Use the word “link” and sites address and you will find pages sending you
to that site.

Other functions
There are many other functions, such as maps, air travel information or
stock market values but are valid only for United States, so, I will not
pay to much attention to that.

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