The face of the boring SEO work should be rational to adhere to or perceptual optimization

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					     The combat skills of the [keyword density]

    - Analysis of competitors to choose the best

    Keyword density how much better? This issue in the husband the only teacher of the
classic SEO tutorial once we write such a sentence:
    Many the SEO older generation who have answered this question. The answers
are :2-8%, 3 - 7%, less than 10%, about 5%, you choose one. The keyword density is a
vague concept rather than absolute.

    Shanghai SEO Xiaoran Lone Wild Goose flying experience of the past few years the
station to talk about some of the views of the individual, how to analyze competitors and
Baidu Baike to choose the best keywords density.

     (1) the keyword tag "Keywords" in the end or else to write?

    The keyword tag " Keywords "is used to describe a web properties, but to list the
contents of the" key words ". This means that, according to the theme and content of the
pages to select the right keywords. When choosing keywords, in addition to the need to
consider related with the web page the core content, but also should be user-friendly
search engines, too rare words do not make the keywords in META tags. The keyword tag,
once very important in a Web page, but now has been a lot of search engines completely

    The search engine will crawl the pages to the analysis, then one of the basis for an
evaluation are reviewed , indexed by and description on the page . The
proper use of keywords and description can help the search engine on the web to
generate the correct evaluation. However, some pages do not use the keywords and
description does not affect the evaluation of search engines, so to rank well.

    Simple two problems:
    1) written What are the benefits, write bad do any harm to
    2) do not write what was so bad
    The keyword tag "Keywords" in the end or else to write? There were two different
schools of thought hold different views, but also controversial for a long time, the problem
for many novice is very tangled, in the end to listen to whom.

   We take a look at the two masters of the keyword tag
"Keywords" settings:

    1 Cardiff CD SEOWHY search outside the home:

    We can see: the husband's the only search outside the home is written as follows

    Search outside <title> SEOWHY: SEO optimization technology learning portal to
provide SEO training and exchange platform </ title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="SEO,SEO 培训" />
    <Meta name = "description" content = "SEOWHY search, is committed to being a
learning platform for people to network development, to provide a full range of SEO
industry solutions: including SEO training, SEO tools, SEO Jobs, SEO expert consulting
services." >

    By Zac of SEO every day a Home
    We can see: Zac 'SEO every day a page is not writing.

    <title> SEO every day one - Zac search engine optimization blog. Well, this is the
official Web site. </ Title>
    <Meta name = "description" content = "SEO every day a study SEO (search engine
optimization) technology, internet marketing and e-business thinking." SEO actual
password has been published, the online bookstore are sold. "Art of SEO has completed
the translation, can be published after the 2012 Spring Festival. "/>

    Although we do not write the keywords and description, search engines may be able
to make a judgment. But not any web page do not write the keywords and description
search engine can correct analysis. Do not we go to test the analytical capabilities of
search engines, because search engines parse error, loss was not his but your keywords
and description correct writing is very necessary.

    The views and opinions of the masters must have their unique perspective, and do
not have to comment. Let us look at Baidu what is said; Baidu statistics of the SEO
recommendations, we can see:
      Baidu requires us to seriously writing be seen from the above,

      Meta information to improve the degree of

      Lack keywordsdescription the meta tags, which might be of your page to show and
sort a certain impact on

      Baidu SEO recommendations "following the 2010 Baidu search engine optimization
guide White Paper in early July 2011 after Baidu introduced SEO Proposal" is so far the
only one SEO refers to the functional products launched by Baidu official authoritative.

      Because if we do Baidu optimization-based, or to be set. There are two benefits for

      1) clear site targeting

      For example, we want to Shanghai SEO that keyword optimization to the home
page. The core content of the site revolves around the word. Basically the purpose of all
articles are the rankings of the word there.

      Determine the exact keywords in 2).

      Able to accurately determine the key words, and according to their own website the
right to re-select the right keywords to locate! Such as " Shanghai SEO provide
professional website SEO optimization . If you do not provide targeted keywords, your
" Shanghai SEO , "the words separately, the weight will be relatively lower. This time
writing the keyword " Shanghai SEO "effect will be better.

      Keywords of a page in the end to choose a few?

      Reasonable vast circumference is 2-5, the best is 2-3.

      General site Home 2-3 key words within page optimization for 1-3. Very often, we
tend to more rankings do at home 5-10 keywords, and even some more. In fact, such sites
are generally difficult to get good rankings, because the page you want to take into
account the density of the selected keywords will produce excessive and deliberately
optimized traces, which not only difficult to grasp the key points, and also reduces the user
experience. Let the search engines that you're not a professional website. We can choose
some of the key assigned to the inside pages or special pages to do the long tail

     3 in the end the number of appropriate keyword density ?

    The answer is given by the masters :2-8%, 3 - 7%, less than 10%, about 5%, you
choose one. This is the great masters of flexibility in the use of combat experience, and if
the novice is undoubtedly a difficult choices, or keyword stuffing or keywords sloppy, it can
be a reasonable reference Mang confining it? neither too high nor too low, impartial it? this
Xiaoran Lone Wild Goose flying experience under some of their own experience, I will
introduce a feasible approach, that is, by competitors and Baidu Baike to Analysis .

    1) Screening Keywords

    Filter by keyword mining tools on the site-related keywords and long tail keywords
and lock the keywords you need to be allocated more rationally Keywords mining method,
we can refer to the Xiaoran Lone Wild Goose fly "dig Keywords Series feature article:
<< SEO actual recorded - the comprehensive utilization of various tools dig
Keywords >> explain in detail.

    2) The competitor analysis

    We can filter keywords from the above list in chronological order according to focus,
and then one by one to search in Baidu ranking in the key, as shown in Figure
    Baidu home page in the natural top five , use Notepad to copy a simple format is as
    If you are a great execution of the owners, you can make a more systematic form to
be comprehensive to be judged by a network, and can record and long-term observation
the following Shanghai SEO Xiaoran, Lone Wild Goose Flying provide you with a Zhang
systematic statistical tables, as shown in Figure
    3) learning to Baidu Baike

    Do not know the form here found that a number of related keywords that we want to
query is always the shadow of the one hundred kinds of Baike Baike of Baidu products
such as Baidu, Baidu, and Baidu documents, Baidu news, often occupy the Baidu Home
-3 position once the webmasters as hegemony, Let us talk about the degree mother of
their children eccentric from another angle, we have been able to see that Baidu the Baike
but is an optimized master.

    Just enter in Google, Baidu Encyclopedia is basically the top three, which he did well,
it also because google will give Baidu one hundred Keti the right, how to say can be
considered competitors. Top five Baidu easily monopolized by using SEO means search
results, Google can not do the SEO would like Baidu, part monopoly of their own websites
their own top five, so every one of us study SEO friends are should be to learn SEO

    Choice 4). Analysis time

    We analyze the keyword density must choose Baidu after the update, every time the
Baidu big update will be a re-ranking, the weight or quality of the site into the top 10
ranking is relatively stable after a major update in Baidu rankings fluctuations, we chose to
analyze more reasonable at this time. Baidu updated time most of the past two days
Friday and Saturday, we can choose on Friday morning or Saturday morning Another
point, if we are to analyze the degree to grasp a more accurate, can be long-term
comparison analysis observed that the ranking of which site is relatively stable, we can go
to learn their advantages.

     How the page keyword density testing

    Density detection calculated as follows:

    Keyword frequency = keyword appears critical string length × total length of the text of
the frequency / page

    Page keyword density testing tools, we can choose the online SEO tools or
webmaster tools for rapid detection of the following introduce two practical tools

    A. The webmaster House - Webmaster Tools
B. Search outside-SEO Toolbox

5 takedata collected ?
    Baidu's top five website keyword density statistics by the above method, we found a
problem that is a different site keyword density is not the same as that in the end to which
one to choose?

    Such as: We search for the keyword " SEO "in front of the Baidu Home 5. see Fig.

    Have a question: is 2 Baike Why density is obviously open to that page there are a lot
of SEO keywords, we can view the source code view, as shown in Figure
    This is due to the Baike META tags did not write the "Keywords whole section of code
copy with Notepad to add the" Keywords "tag in <title> seo_ Baidu encyclopedia </ title>
following in Canada on such a piece of code <meta name="keywords" content="SEO" /> ,
then Save for SEO.htm page file to upload to your own website space, then we'll check
the URL of the file we just uploaded discovered no:

    Baike the SEO keyword density is 2.43%

    From the above Web site keyword density, respectively, 1.64 percent of
the webmaster tools , Baidu Encyclopedia 2.43% 4.58% , SEO Forum , SEO Daily
posts 3.91 percent , the Baidu search engine optimization guide 4.75% .

    Three possible options

    1) as a reference to Baidu Baike
    The largest range of density does not exceed Baike's more than double the 2.43% * 2
= 4.86%, which is a relatively reasonable range, the density is not than Baike .
    2) to similar values as a reference
    Several numerical comparison of similar density as a measure of 4.58% such as SEO
forums , SEO Daily posts of 3.91 %, 4.75 % Baidu search engine optimization guide , the
three density range of choice between 3% -5% .

    3) average to select
    5 site density of the sum of: (1.64% + 2.43% + 4.58% + 3.91% + 4.75%) ÷ 5 =
3.46%, plus or minus range of ± 1%

    Three ideas above are for reference only, keyword density is a very important
indicator, but the weight of a website is also an influential factor, that is, Baidu user
experience advocate, so they took at the webmaster of a said tool, although its density is
only 1.64%, webmaster tools has become mostly owners every day to open the computer
first thing is to check their site owners work included and an essential tool for ranking
naturally on its users. experience and viscous, of course, several other stations also very

    Xiaoran Lone Wild Goose flying had to use the above ideas and methods, product
competition in several enterprises stations of the two key words, and quickly do Baidu
three. One of the words to do the first two consecutive weeks in stable position in the first
three. What keyphrases are inconvenient to give to disclose.

    The points mentioned above are for reference only, we can go further
verification. If there is anything wrong with that, please give correction !

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