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									How to write the original article, and tell
            you my secret!
The last write time to write 100% original articles for almost five months, shame, 5 months, I
wrote a few articles. Too lazy. Last quick to write original approach written mainly through
Google Translate, this is mainly an image to convert text to achieve rapid and original articles,
many people are aware of this method, but you tried to effect?

I do medical, previously always writing endless pain, and non-a lot of effort to write
pseudo-original collection of rarely , but since this picture convert text articles from
previous day per person 40 referred to 100 a day, so the effect of greatly improving
the collection rate increased rapidly from less than 60 percent of more than
95% efficiency by more than four times, they would understand the power of the original
articles is so great!

The birth of this paste, sounded the death knell of the seo pseudo-originality era, because it
transcends the vast majority of the current method to find the original article! Definitely not
heading the party, never exaggerated, reading naturally understand! The article is long, but
every word Abas, suppressed the sinking impetuous heart, calm down and slowly read, and
absolutely will not let you white look.
Affixed to talk, and do the pseudo-original articles about the same time, to get the
original article.
Content is king, outside the chain of the emperor. The most important and the most
troublesome one of the two major issues to do SEO is the original content mining. The search
engine is nothing like a head do not eat pigs, all the world's text seems to have devoured her
SEOER their long-term, to find that they had not eaten a lot of things to feed these pigs, is
indeed a challenge .

In the primary articles, I will tell you to find a truly original articles: go to the library to find books
- pages photographed with a digital camera - software to convert text text text book page photo,
so that a large number of high-quality original article.

I also, really easy to use. But there are also a problem, is that each page to a several
hundred page book are photographed or scanned, it is very troublesome, but many
people do not digital cameras, scanners, these tools. For this reason I believe a lot of
trouble people who do not consider the use of this method. Never mind, I say this method does
not need a digital camera, no scanners, best suited for these trouble.
Recently, I have newly discovered this very not, with this discovery, I can use a par with
doing a pseudo-original time to make really high-quality original articles. How to do
it? Please continue to look down.
In fact, the large number of books in the library, have already helped us to scan well, but we do
not know or did not find it. Store them in the wrong? In the online digital library inside! We need
to do now is to find a scanned image of these books, the direct use of software to convert them
to text text can.

I found two places to find these free books have been scanned into the picture: Superstar
Digital Library and the student read it. (PS1: the two libraries, you can choose to pay money to
become a member, so you can read all the books, it may not pay, because a large number of
books is free, to see to know; the PS2: If you college students that school digital library will be
your most valuable resources of the library, because colleges and universities in the digital
library, and the outside world can not access.)

Especially Superstar this place, the largest online digital library, inside the book is definitely
much more than an ordinary library book. The most important yes, these books have been
scanning into e-books had, but the book page of the image is very clear , as long as we
search for your web site-related books or abstracts, opens directly Screenshots, conversion,
almost do not modify as a true original articles sent to your website.
The contents of these books, is almost 0 included. If you do not believe it, please go to the
Super Star Search a book, casually extracted a few paragraphs of text, and then search to see
if there are not included in the Baidu search box.

Scholar to read the usage, but it does not have so many resources of Superstar, where not

Well finished, summarize the specific practices :
On the Superstar digital library to find books related to the content of your site;

Directly open the page the picture;

Use images converted to text software ( ) to convert the image
text text text;

A high-quality original articles.

Now, my method to be method of pseudo-original :
The pseudo-original step: to find an article on the Internet - copied into a pseudo-original tool -
OK - a few seconds - to get a mess of pseudo-original articles

Steps: open I have been looking for a good book page picture - software screenshots - OK -
wait a few seconds - a true original article

Two ways, almost in time, but my method, you get - the real original articles. One is better,
your own judgment. (Also similar to other traditional pseudo-original, such as <in English
Translation approach Reference: .)

The most "complex" things you need to do is to Superstar or a scholar to read to find a book or
two, once you find that the original content of your site a year and a half a year do not
worry. Superstar book, the vast, all walks of life, varied, everything, to find a few books with the
content of your site is a very easy thing.Superstar inside can also find a lot of N years ago,
some magazines, newspaper articles, literature, even in the seventies and eighties have these
articles is definitely not included in (the left side of the Superstar Home, click on paper
documents "or" knowledge base ", and then search on it). But I suggest to find books and
resources, I've tested, the pages of books and resources are clear, the software identification
rate of almost 100%; "paper documents" or "Knowledge" page, a lot of fonts is relatively small,
relatively vague, identifying will typos, if you wish, you can take the time to manually change it,
but if not modified, the effect will be more than a pseudo-original tool article.

To make detours, please read the following passage.
I suggest that you do not then trying to find free, cheap to a few dollars, image text conversion
tools online, I tried a variety of online free download, Taobao for only a few dollars of similar
software, these no more than several : Book of Series, cajviewer Series, Thunis, HW,
etc. These are not like QQ screenshots direct interception of images, a key to convert
the text to text (do not believe you can go online to download give it a try Oh, these are free
downloads) . I recommend this software has been out of print (because it said that 2007 had
sold to the public, won national awards, then the developers aware of the potential value of this
technology is now sold separately software, but with kinds of technology to be made about the
value of 500 yuan business card recognition machine.) online for free download, open the
software has expired (but prior statement, this software is not a panacea, the blurred image
recognition it would appear typos). Maybe you think I'm in advertising, it does not matter,
anyway, the fact is that.

If you think this article is a soft paper without having to try, then, uncle to the person in charge
to tell you: Uncle Unfortunately, the loss is very serious! These days, many people have a soft
paper allergies, as long as the others recommended not free, he thought it was a soft paper;
even pick a random piece of text from the "Dragon" linked to the Internet, he also finds It is a
soft paper.

In fact, it is not a soft paper is not key, the key is: this method there is enough to help you solve
one of the two major issues to do SEO the most troublesome - to find high-quality original

I know that much, so I strongly recommend everyone to go to try, to see is not, as I said,
and then consider a software problem.
I can say with certainty that if you truly understand or have tried this method, I'm sure
you will give up the pseudo-original, thorough and pseudo-original-era goodbye.
Nine carpenter test felt:
(1) the accuracy of super high of Thailand can not be compared.
2 like qq screenshots, like the QQ screenshots, like select any area on the
image to be identified.
Software size is small, the recognition speed is super fast.
Taobao to sell the software, 68 yuan, I bought, but it does value for money, and now free to

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