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Trip to Goa, Beaches in Goa - For Fun Yet
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Nestled between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka is located
India’s smallest yet most famous state, Goa. Although Goa is smallest
in terms of land area, it is one of the most attractive and largely visited
tourist destinations of India. Your trip to this wonderful state will leave
you with memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
Thousands, may be lacks, of tourists from all over the world come here
to enjoy their vacations. It is a paradise for vacationers. If you are
pondering why tourists from across the globe visit Goa then read on.
Though a trip to Goa would make for the perfect answer, reading this
write-up would help you as well.

Primarily, Goa is popular for its dazzling beaches. Goa is home to
around 40 beaches. Some of these beaches in Goa actually render
that serenity and peace that vacationers usually long for. Spending
some quality time on the beach side would let you discover an all new
you. Far from the hustle and bustle city life where you don’t even get
time to spare out for your friends and family, this beautiful place is a
must visit for all those looking for a refreshing trip. Secondly, Goa is
home to an array of historical cathedrals, archetypal buildings, old
churches, forts and regal houses that would make your itinerary to Goa
quite an experience.

No matter which beach you visit in Goa, you can choose from a range
of beach resorts as per your budge and number of days you plan to
stay. Some of the popular beach resorts or hotels that tourists prefer
are Marriott, Holiday Inn or Taj. Your stay in these hotels would be an
add-on to your trip for they offer luxury services to all their customers.
Besides the above slated, there are several other hotels and resorts
where you can stay after landing in Goa. The splendor and
exquisiteness of every area of water or land, formation here, in
conjunction with sumptuous cuisine, abundant tourist hot spots and
friendly locales, gives Goa a unique place in Indian Tourism industry.

Lip-smacking local cuisine is something you should not miss when in
Goa. Delicacies prepared by Goans are known for their rich flavor and
taste. What makes the cuisine of Goa delectable and tempting is a
blend of British, South Indian, Konkani and Portugese influence. Some
E India Travel Guide
New Delhi India

of the most commonly used ingredients that you can find in Goa’s
cuisine are rice, fish and coconut. Do dig into soups, salads and curries.
Because of its tropical climate, you can visit Goa in almost every
month of the year.

Trip to Goa would be incomplete if you do not get indulge in water
sports and other adventurous activities. You can spend some of the
best moments of your life in Goa. Go Goa and experience the

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