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					                  CSR Europe
           CSR and SMEs in Europe

    The Leading European Business Network
       for Corporate Social Responsibility

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• Who is CSR Europe?
• CSR in SMEs a European Priority
• What is CSR in Europe for SMEs?
   – Definition
   – Development of CSR
   – The European Alliance for CSR
• Examples of Best Practices on
• European Tools for SMEs:
   – Eco-efficiency
   – R&D Networks for SMEs
   – Other
Who We Are – Corporate Members
Who We Are – National Partner Network
         CSR Europe – A Platform For...

• Connecting companies to share best practice
  on CSR
• Innovating new projects between business and
• Shaping the business and
  political agenda on
  sustainability and
               Membership Services

  1-to-1 services              Small B2B groups
• Account manager            • Sustainable marketing
• “CSR Helpdesk”             • CSR in the media
• Report feedback       Supporting
                       companies to
Multi-stakeholder       mainstream
projects                   CSR
                                      wide services
• Science in Schools         • Communication
• Supply chain                 services
• Wellbeing . . .            • Events
       SMEs and CSR a European Priority

• CSR Europe is a business
  association composed of
  multinationals however----
   – Our members and
     partners work closely with
• 98.5% of companies in
  Europe are SMEs
   – 20 million SMEs in Europe
• Policy And Business Priority
                 What is CSR in Europe?

  CSR is a concept, whereby companies integrate social and
  environmental concerns in their business operations and in
  their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”
                      ---- European Commission Definition

Responsible Entrepreneurship associates the individual
entrepreneurial drive and attitude necessary for creating and
running a small business with a wider sense of societal
responsibility that often forms part of the personal values of the
SME owner/manager

               ---- European Commission Term for SMEs
Pillars of CSR or Responsible Entrepreneurship
           What can CSR do for SMEs?

• Enhance the image of your
• Differentiate your business from
  your competitors
• Reduce costs through re-cycling
  and reduced energy consumption
• It is becoming the ‘license to
• Attract ethically conscious
• Aid the attraction and retention of
Development of CSR in Europe
 Complex Business Environment
                     Development of CSR
                       Trust in Business?

Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2009
Development of CSR
Global Challenges...

                Copenhagen Consensus 2008
                  CSR in Europe – Examples

                                                 EASTERN EUROPE
       FRANCE                • Gov’t involvement diverse; foreign MNCs often key
• Listed companies                   drivers; limited NGO & media pressure
report on CSR under            • Key topics: community involvement, corporate
    NRE law (2001)             governance, public-private partnerships, welfare...
     • Grenelle
 Environment Forum
 2007: new ‘five-way                                           NORDIC COUNTRIES
                       • Business, gov. and strong civil
       dialogue’                                             • Scandinavian welfare
                         society reinforce each other
 • Social inclusion,                                                 state system
                                as drivers of CSR
       diversity...                                          • Sweden: state owned
                          • Gov. SD strategy (2005),
                                                                  companies to file
                           Sustainable procurement
                                                                sustainability reports
                               action plan (2007)
         GERMANY                                              • Norway: new law –
 • Strict requirements for                                       40% women board
  environmental reporting             NETHERLANDS                 members in listed
• Labour laws & corporate        • Gov. policy on public         companies (2008)
  governance regulations          procurement – 100% SPP         • Denmark: CSR
 • Demographic change                    by 2012                   strategy (2008)
                                         Development of CSR
                                    Policy and Business Roadmap
EU leadership

                           Delors         Lisbon                      Lisbon
                           Appeal        Summit I                    Summit V

                                                  1st EU                        2nd EU
                                               Communication                 Communication
                                                  2002                           2006

                                               EU Multistakeholder           European Alliance
                                                     Forum                        for CSR
                        1995            2000                          2005                       2010
                                                European Business                 Business
  Business leadership

                                                Campaign on CSR                  Roadmap


                                                                  Launch of European
                            Creation     1st European                Marketplace &
                           CSR Europe       Business                 Roadmap for
                                        Convention on               competitive and
                                              CSR                sustainable enterprise
The European Alliance for CSR

        A political approach to CSR
        • Based on a ‘dual commitment’
          from the European Commission
          and enterprises
        • Driven by DG Enterprise and DG
          Social Affairs, Employment and
          Equal Opportunities
        • Supported by over 200
          companies and 70 business
        • Overall coordination by CSR
          Europe, BUSINESSEUROPE,
                10 Key Thematic Areas

•   Innovation in sustainable products & technologies
•   Helping SMEs to flourish and grow
•   Integration of CSR in all business operations
•   Skills for employability
•   Diversity & equal opportunities
•   Improving working conditions, esp. in supply chains
•   Innovation in the environmental field
•   Proactive dialogue and stakeholder engagement
•   Transparency & communications
•   Operating outside EU borders
             Engaging in the Alliance

• Exchange & disseminate CSR Practices
• Engage in thematic CSR Laboratories
• Participate in High Level Meetings with other
  business leaders and European Commissioners
• Support the European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR
• Engage with universities and business schools to
  promote research and education on CSR
              Best Practice Examples
• Connaught Electronics (Ireland)

• Commitment to quality and innovation
   • Certification ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001
   • Consultation with Costumers on Quality

• Business benefits:
    • long standing relationships with customer
    • Secured sustainability of Business
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Recognition
    • Enhance Reputation
               Best Practice Examples
                 Social (Workplace)
• Fresh (Sweden)

• Participatory organisation model, workplace
  diversity, health and safety, training and staff

• Business benefits:
   – High motivation among employees resulting in high
   – Reduction of middle management costs
   – Customer loyalty through close contact and high quality of
     the service
   – Brand value, good will and profitability through “Best
     Workplace Award’
                Best Practice Examples
                 Social (Community)

• Filo Diretto (Italy)

• Healthcare, children, employee

• Business benefits:
   – Enhanced motivation of employees:
     volunteering program
   – Reputation with involved customers and
               Best Practice Examples
• Oy Pinifer (Finland)

• Environmentally sound products and services

• Business benefits:
   – Improved sales
   – Improved business quality
   – Value for customers, vendors and other stakeholders like
     investors and fund-raisers.
             Engaging in the Alliance

• Exchange & disseminate CSR Practices
• Engage in thematic CSR Laboratories
• Participate in High Level Meetings with other
  business leaders and European Commissioners
• Support the European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR
• Engage with universities and business schools to
  promote research and education on CSR
European Alliance Laboratories
  The Power of Collaboration
                        CSR Tools for SMEs—
• To disseminate an eco-efficiency culture across all industry
   segments, capitalising on progress attained by leading companies
   in developing and deploying effective programmes and practices.
• Share ideas on innovative technology helping to improve the eco-
   foot-print of companies.
• To produce practical advice to SMEs on how to measure
   consumption, identify improvement areas and define benchmarks,
   develop action plans and monitor progress
• Specific and user friendly eco-efficiency guidelines/indicators for
   SMEs, making available also to SMEs the eco-efficiency knowledge
   and tools developed by large corporations participating in the Lab.
Company Leader:
            Eco-Efficiency Check-Up Program

  This Laboratory was created to
  facilitate the dissemination and
     sharing of best practices in
    developing and deploying the
advanced eco-efficiency programs
of large corporations to SMEs. This
 will help better sustain the overall
  challenge to neutralize industry
 impact on climate change whilst
    improving competitiveness.”

Renato Di Stefano
Lab Leader
              CSR Tools for SMEs---
        R&D Innovation Networks for SMEs
• Support SMEs' commitment to innovation and improve their
  competitive performance
• Develop a model based on best practices and
  recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of network
  based innovation programs while stimulating collaboration
  between Universities and businesses An Award system, based
  on EFQM Innovation Framework, conceived to select winners
  but also to assist in improving performance.
• An Awards Ceremony
• Practical Guidance and Recommendations
• "Impress x Innovazione
Lab Leader:
          “Open Innovation” a paradigm shift

       Yesterday                                      Today
         Company                                     Research
          Research                Spin-off                               Acquisitions

                                                    Internal R&D

          Business                                                       JDP with
                                                      Business           suppliers

 SME’s are the ones that could profit more from sharing research costs, but
 SME’s are often too small to establish the required network
                   CSR Tools for SMEs---
              Business in the Community UK

Small Business Journey

Programme that helps small business
with some CSR challenges:
•meet regulatory and legislative
•improve your reputation
•improve relationships with people
who are important to your business
•manage the risks your company faces
• spark innovation in your processes,
products and services
              CSR Tools for SMEs---
           European Commission- DG

What is the European Commission doing to
support CSR amongst small businesses?

•Expert group report and good practice
•EU funded projects that support CSR amongst
• CSR Toolkit for SMEs in all EU languages
• Report :SME Roundtable of the European
Multistakeholder Forum on CSR
• Case studies: How European SMEs practice
          Thank you

     Beatriz Berruga Garcia
Coordinator, Membership Relations
           CSR Europe
        +32 (0)2 541 16 10

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