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									                          Easy Ways Of Saving Money On Your Big Day

Is it any surprise that people are becoming more conscious of their spending habits these days?
Economic conditions prompted by the recession have led to a bleak global economic outlook. Despite this
evident frugality, people are still unwilling to forego certain luxuries that they have gotten used to - this
includes certain milestone events, particularly the celebration that goes with getting married.

It’s your time to step into a new life and there are many ways to ensure that you celebrate your big day
properly despite the need to be more financially conscious. While you might have been saving money for
your wedding, you might still need to be cautious with the spending in order to watch your credit scores.

Here are some of the ideas you might find useful while planning for your wedding:

Get a nice venue where you can celebrate among your friends and family

Even before the wedding cake, dresses, flowers etc come to your mind, you do not rest until the place of
your wedding could be fixed. Asking people nearest to you for lending their garden, barn, backyard, etc
for the wedding celebration could save you huge money.

Creativity is the key

Try your creative streak and you will explore hidden treasures of talent. Discuss with your friends and
come out with unique ideas as to how best to decorate your plain wedding cake and dress. Like for cake,
flower petals and fruits are just the two ideas you could use. For cake try some of your cutting and sewing
skills on your Prom dress and you can come up fairly well.


Go with colorful balloons and bubbles and you will not have to think about a filling and visible decoration
of the reception area and that will also help keeping children busy so that their parents can enjoy at your

Opt for a less rushed time of year to get wed

Busy season would have to be paid extra so why not opt out of it. Then you will be focusing more on the
event rather than the time in which it is taking place.

Go for a meal-saving time of the day for the celebration

Paying either for a lunch or dinner is a costly affair. There are ways you can remain out of it by choosing a
time such as 3 PM that would allow you to escape lunch as well as dinner and your guests will be happy
just with mild appetizers, cake and punch. Won’t that be great?

Doing these things can help you save money on your big day, even if these activities are supposed to eat
up your finances to the extent of disrupting the looks of your credit reports. This is an era where money
matters the most and you should be thoughtful to take measures to not to fall into the pitfalls of bad
finances. Moreover, you are going to enter into the world of even more responsibilities. It’s better to make
a head start.

You are entitled to get your free credit report annually and keep a track on your credit history. Keep a
regular check on your credit report with credit score free throughout the year to keep your score high.

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