; Different Surgery Options For Liver Cancer
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Different Surgery Options For Liver Cancer


Liver cancer is a disease marked by the degeneration of the liver and other organs of the body. There are many kinds of treatments available, one of them being surgery. Discover the different surgeries available to cancer patients and how they work.

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									Surgery Options for Liver Cancer
There are several types of types of surgery for liver cancer. If the tumor is not too far gone,
one of these methods may be used.

Surgical Resection

This is one of the most frequently used techniques for treating cancer. The tumor cells along
with some healthy cells are surgically removed. The dimensions of the liver to be removed
depend on the tumor size. This procedure can only be used on localized tumors. Patients
afflicted with cirrhosis cannot undergo this surgery. It is also not recommended when the
cancer has spread.

Liver Transplant

If resection is not possible, a liver transplant may be considered. However, this process is not
frequently used for several reasons. First they must find a willing donor. Second, the tumor
must be limited to the liver only.

Radiofrequency Ablation

This is a relatively new method used for eliminating minor tumors. Ultrasound-guided probes
are inserted in the patient's abdomen. The probes look for the tumor. Once found, the surgeon
transmits electric current into the probes. These currents eliminate the target. This procedure
is useful for small tumors. However, it is often combined with resection surgery to destroy
more cancer cells.


This is the opposite of radiofrequency ablation. Here the surgeon will put liquid nitrogen into
specific parts of the liver. The cancerous cells are destroyed by freezing. Cryosurgery can be
applied on tumors bigger than resectable surgery can handle. The drawback is it can destroy
ducts, blood vessels and other healthy tissues.

Causes of Liver Cancer

Doctors have yet to determine the actual cause of the disease. However, they have identified
the factors that can put you at risk of getting one. Foremost is long term, excessive drinking of

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a condition marked by liver
scarring. This will affect the liver's ability to function. Studies show that people with cirrhosis
are likely to develop cancer.

Chronic hepatitis C or hepatitis B also makes a person susceptible to cancer. Also at risk are
people who eat aflatoxin-stained food. Aflatoxin is a poison that grows on nuts, grains and
other food that are not properly stored. Exercising regularly and eating healthy food can lower
risks of developing cancer.
If you experience any of the symptoms of cancer, it is imperative that you see a doctor
immediately. If the disease is detected and treated early, chances are it can be removed.


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