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									      VASER Liposuction - Achieve
         Optimal Muscle Tone

Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

When diet and exercise fail to reduce unwanted fat, liposuction is the best

                                            option. A major advancement in

                                            the field, VASER liposuction has

                                            replaced traditional lipolysis

                                            techniques as it selectively

targets only fat tissues and also helps men and women achieve optimal

muscle tone.

Improved Body Contour with VASER Lipo

VASER liposuction utilizes ultrasound technology. It offers the best

results for patients who have moderate amounts of excess and

stubborn fat and wish to contour their bodies to achieve better

Areas that can be effectively treated include the abdomen, arms,

breasts, buttocks, love handles thighs, and arms. Even delicate areas

such as the face and chin are treatable with this amazing ultrasound

enabled modality.

The area to be treated is first infused with a saline solution to numb it

and expand the tissue layers. High frequency ultrasound waves are

delivered via the VASER probe to gently liquefy the fat tissue. The

emulsified fat is suctioned off. A skilled and experienced plastic

surgeon will remove only the right amount of fat to help you achieve a

proportional figure with good muscle tone.

VASER 2.0 is unique in two important ways:

The ultrasonic energy has been engineered to efficiently separate fat

from connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels. The system retains

the viability of the removed fat for transfer to other areas of the

patient’s body which need more volume.
High Precision Ensures Predictable Results

With VASER liposuction, plastic surgeons are confident of ensuring

their patients predictable fat removal and body sculpting results. While

traditional liposuction can cause lumpy and uneven areas, the

ultrasound waves of the VASER probe precisely target only the

unwanted fat.

With the fat removed from areas such as the chest and abdomen, the

underlying musculature becomes visible, offering the patient an

improved body contour.

VASER liposuction treatment is a minimally invasive ‘wide-awake’

procedure as the patient is administered local anesthesia. It offers:

    Quick and easy removal of excess fat

    Excellent body sculpting results

    Precise contouring of even delicate areas
   Reduced bleeding and bruising

   Minimal downtime

   Good skin retraction

   Safe, leaves surrounding tissues unharmed

If you want to achieve optimal muscle tone with VASER liposuction,

make sure you get your treatment at an AAAASF-accredited plastic

surgery center with plastic surgeons specialized in this advanced body

contouring technology. It’s important that you ask the right questions

and learn all you can about the treatment and the results you can

expect before you go ahead.

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