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					As the legend, the Queen has a lot of factors so that the world
recognized his brilliance. One of the unique British band this is the
role of Brian May Queen musical color painting so full of character and
strong berkaratker.

Privileges Brian May sound generated from his special guitar, named "The
Red Special". Why is it special?

Obviously, when the rock guitarist of his generation was so proud of the
product manufacturer such as Gibson (Jimmy Page-Led Zeppelin), or Fender
(R. Blackmore, Deep Purple, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, etc.), Brian May
even build his own guitar, really full custom.

Naturally, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen frontman says, "I thought Queen were
really innovative and made some great sounding records .. I like the
rockin 'stuff. I think Brian May has one of the great guitar tones on the
planet, and I really, really love his guitar work. "

What are the facts surrounding the particular guitar Brian May?
His guitar is made with his father as a teenager. Beginning in August
The Red Special is also called by another name: Fireplace or The Old

Brian designed the guitar sound is to get feedback if they wish.
The name Red Special guitar was taken because the color is maroon,
painted repeatedly with several layers (layer) or the term Rustin's
plastic coating.
The neck of the guitar (neck) is made from wood fireplace from century to
-18, so the guitar is also known as Fireplace. Requires hard work and
thoroughness for Brian and his father formed part of the guitar neck.
Just so you know, there are actually two wormholes in the wood, despite
being sent around the world with his group, Queen.

In addition to three pick-up in the body of his guitar, May add more to
the series that converges to the distortion of the guitar body. There are
several switches to form the desired character, although it retains the
character of VOX. In the end, when the guitarist was using a VOX AC30
curly, electronic circuitry is disabled to enable. Switch holes covered
with insulating tape.

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