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					                         Varieties And Benefits Of Hedge Trimmers

 The use of a trimmer for hedges and brush will save time and energy. How fast the job can get
done depends on the size and style of the hedge trimmer chosen. There are many tools that can
be quite effective for small to medium sized jobs. Although, for larger jobs it is suggested to use
the industrial, dual blade, gas trimmers. They are reliable performers, and can cover a large area

Gas hedge cutters are able to cut branches and foliage up to one inch thick. Many of these units
are equipped with reciprocating blades. These blades make cutting hedges or brush fast and easy
with a clean, even cut. Many gas trimmers have a heavy vibration to them. They come equipped
with durable, shock resistant handles to lessen these vibration and its effects on the wrists and
forearms. Since these trimmers are quite loud, it is strongly recommended that hearing protection
be used when operating this type of trimmer.

The electric variety of hedge cutter is quiet and much lighter than its gas counterpart. This type of
trimmer is perfect for smaller jobs or residential lots that do not require much use of a hedge
cutter. These cutters typically allow for up to 100 feet away from the electrical socket. Many come
with the ability to extend this distance with the use of an extension cord. It is suggested that the
unit is not used in the rain, or on hedges or brush that is wet. This is to avoid any chances of
electrical shock.

Electric trimmers are typically equipped with a lock on switch. This is to prevent any accidental
starts, and for those larger jobs. These trimmers tend to be powerful for their size, and have the
ability to cut up to 3/4" thick branches. Some electric cutters also have the ability to use a battery
pack with them. This allows for a cord free operation.

Cordless trimmers are equipped with rechargeable batteries. The power of the battery usually
lasts up to 45 minutes. These are also relatively lightweight trimmers. They are quiet and are also
able to cut branches up to 3/4" thick. These types of trimmers have the least amount of power
among the three types.

There are a variety of blades for hedge cutters. Double-sided blades offer multi-directional cutting.
They are ideal for shaping the shrubbery. Dual action blades cut cleaner and quicker. They also
tend to vibrated less than other blades. Short blades can enhance the size of the area cut at one
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Black & Decker NHT524 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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