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									                BEGINNING WITH FACEBOOK ADS

Hey there, I’m going to spare you the fluff. This is a quick and painless guide to getting
started with Facebook Ads. We’ll go over the basics for setting up your account and
getting your first ad up. There won’t be any details or strategy here, for that check out
the main Facebook Ads Profit Machine guide.

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                    SETTING UP YOUR FIRST AD

First create your Facebook account. Once you have your account setup, scroll to the
bottom and click the Advertising link.

You will be taken to the basic Advertising page. Click the Create an Ad button.

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This will take you to the basic Ad creation screen. The first time you do this, you’ll be
presented with one section at a time.

Simply fill in the details as shown in the example below. You’ll need to enter:

    Destination – Is this going to a Facebook page or an external URL
    URL – When choosing an external URL, you’ll have this option. Put the URL you
     want to send the clicker to here.
    Title – The Ad headline, enter something catchy here! You only have 25
    Body – Your body text, this is where you get more space to sell. You have 135
    Image – This is where you insert your Ad image.

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Next you will be presented with targeting options as follows:

    Location – Select a country, and optionally states, cities, etc.
    Age – Choose the age range of your target audience.
         o Require Exact Age Match – Choose this to force Facebook to only include
            people whose ages are strictly within the limits you choose. If you don’t
            check this, Facebook will include people whose age is near the outer limits
            of what you selected.
    Sex – Choose men, women or both.
    Interests – Too much can be written about this section alone. This is where you
     can select interests and categories that people ‘Like’ on Facebook to help your

Next, you can click the Show Advanced Targeting Options button to get more options.

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    Interested In – This allows you to target people who are interested in a specific
     gender (or both). You typically must utilize this field on dating campaigns.
    Relationship – This is relationship status, and you can choose Single, Engaged, In
     a Relationship, Married, or All. This is another field that must be selected when
     running a dating-related campaign.
    Language – Pretty self-explanatory. This is the language that the target lists as
     their spoken language. This will often be English except for when targeting
     foreign countries.
    Education – This allows you to choose the target’s education level. Options
     include College Grad, In College, In High School or All.
         o When you choose College Grad or In College, you’ll also have the option to
            choose a school or schools.
         o When choosing In College, you’ll also be able to choose graduation year(s).
    Workplace – Here you can target people who list a workplace.

College Grad Options

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In College Options

Next you’ll be presented with campaign and bidding options. This is where you’ll
choose a campaign and ad name as well as how you bid on traffic.

    Account Currency – This will be your native currency. This will only show up the
     first time you setup an ad.
    Account Time Zone – Your local time zone and country. This will also only show
     up the first time you setup an ad.
    Campaign Name – If this is your first campaign, you’ll enter the name here.
     Otherwise you’ll be given the option to setup a new campaign or be part of an
     existing one.
    Budget – This is the daily budget for the campaign. You can choose a daily or
     lifetime budget. At first your account will be limited to $50/day at the account
     level. However, increasing this budget can help hasten the showing of your ads.
    Schedule – You can schedule the campaign to start at a certain time or right
    Pricing – By default this will be chosen automatically for you. We will ALWAYS
     want to click Set a Different Bid (Advanced Mode).

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After you click on Advanced mode, you’ll be presented with an option in terms of how
you’ll pay (per click or per impressions) as well as the price you’re willing to pay.

    Pay Per Impressions (CPM) – This option will charge you for every 1000
     impression of an ad, regardless of whether it’s clicked or not.
    Pay Per Click (CPC) – This is the default option and will charge you for every click.
    Max Bid – This is the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click or 1000
     impressions. You will typically pay less than this. If your ad performs well, you’ll
     pay much less.
        o Suggested Bid – This is a range that Facebook assigns to based on a
           number of factors. Ultimately this can vary widely, and depending on
           what this is, you can choose to lowball, or bid within that range. If you bid
           too low, you simply won’t get traffic.

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Click Review Ad to review your ad.

This is where you can name your ad and confirm your order, or go back and edit. After
this, you will have your first campaign and ad running.

After you complete this step you’ll have an ad campaign and going forward every time
you click the Ads or Advertising link, you’ll be taken to your Advertising Dashboard.

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Congratulations, you are now a Facebook Advertiser! You’ve taken your first step into
an exciting new direction! Good luck!

To Your Success,

Danny Schneiderman

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