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CPA marketing is a very lucrative and simple form of affiliate marketing that requires no
product and in many case no need for customers to pay anything. This makes it a very
good form of affiliate marketing for beginners as there is no need to convince people to
part with their hard-earned money.

Perfect, you say! Sign me up! Well, that’s what this guide is for. Many affiliates have
experienced the challenges of getting accepted by CPA networks. This is partly because
people don’t follow the right steps to get accepted. This guide will give you a leg up and
help you get accepted to CPA network quickly!

What Do CPA Networks Want?
In order to better appreciate the process of applying to and getting accepted by CPA
networks, it helps to understand exactly what they are looking for. This way you can be
sure to emulate this and improve your chances of acceptance.

CPA networks, like any business, want to make money and establish long-lasting
relationships. They form relationships with advertisers who pay them to market for
them. They form relationships with publishers (you and me) and pay us to market for
them. Ultimately what we do affects our relationship with the CPA network, as well as
the CPA Network’s relationship with the advertiser.

So you can see CPA networks are rightfully careful about who they accept. They need to
make sure that the publisher will make them money, but also that they won’t endanger
their long-standing advertiser relationships.

Keep this in mind when you apply to the networks and your understanding will come
through during your conversations with them.

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Preparing for Your Application
Prior to filling out your applications, you should get a few things in line. First off, you
must present yourself as part of a business. You don’t need to lie and say you work for a
huge company. You can be the only person in that business. It’s more of a professional
attitude than anything. If you approach this as a business rather than a hobby, that will
go a long way.

Setup a Website
Setup a website with a marketing theme. A website isn’t a requirement, but it helps.
Just find a nice clean Wordpress them and throw up a basic webpage. You can even go
to oDesk ( or a similar company to hire a designer if you have a budget.

Put up some basic standard pages (Contact, About, Disclaimer, etc). You can make it a
blog, that’s fine, but talk about marketing, etc.

Focus on One Method
Ok, so since this guide is coming with Facebook Ads Profit Machine, you know I’m going
to recommend Facebook as your traffic source of choice. Learn as much as you can, but
be honest with yourself and the network.

The point is, don’t attempt to start out with 5 different methods, pick one and stick to it.

Get Comfortable Talking About Marketing and Your Goals
Part of this process will be to call up the Affiliate Managers and discuss your application.
They will ask a series of questions and generally try and get to know you and what your
experience is, and how you will be promoting offers etc.

Get comfortable with the fact that you are starting out (or if not, be prepared to talk
about your experience) and be prepared to talk about yourself and your plans. Be

Affiliate Networks
Now we’ll talk a bit about networks that you should consider joining. All of the
networks listed below are great, some will be better for first-timers as they won’t have
as strict requirements. These aren’t in any particular order, and they all are very good

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   1. Peerfly – Affiliate Link; Non-Affiliate Link – Great network for beginners and pros
      as well. Tons of offers and very good interface. They offer weekly and even daily
      payouts, but you must meet a minimum amount of earnings to qualify.
   2. MaxBounty – Affiliate Link; Non-Affiliate Link – The first network I ever joined.
      They offer weekly payments after you earn your first monthly payment. They are
      a very beginner-friendly network and have a lot of offers.
   3. EWA Network – – One of my top networks. They are a
      private network, requiring an invite to join. They also require some experience
      with CPA. They pay weekly from the get go and offer a very personalized
   4. Wolf Storm Media – – Great for beginners and pros
      alike. They offer a very personalized approach. They also pay weekly right from
      the get go, but require a minimum revenue level.

Other top CPA networks

       Conver2Media –
       NeverBlueAds –
       Copeac –
       Epic Direct Network (Formerly Azoogle) –

Any of these networks would be a great place to start, in fact I would pick 3-4 and plan
on applying to each of them. MaxBounty and Peerfly are great from a an application
standpoint for a beginner. I would recommend starting out with them.

The Application Process
Now that you’ve picked your networks and are prepared to join, you must fill out the
application. That is the first step. After that you will call your account manager and
complete the process.

First thing’s first. Go to the URL of the first network you plan on joining. Then go to the
sign up/application page.

You will need to be consistent here, and be honest. If you fill out something on the
application and say something different on the phone, it will be a problem.

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Here are some of the common fields to fill out:

    Company – Enter your company name as decided above. You can enter your
     name if you don’t have a company.
    Website – Enter your website as discussed above.
    Site/Traffic Description – Talk about your marketing experience or what you plan
     to do. For example, marketing services using PPC, SEO, and business marketing
     services, etc. You can elaborate on this during your call. Ultimately you will talk
     about how (if you are new to this) these are your goals, and you are currently
     building your business, etc.
    Site Views/Month – Again, if you are new, simply say you just started, don’t lie.
     If you have any data, you can enter that here.
    Is the Site/Do You Plan on Using Incentive Traffic: Unless this is an incentivized
     traffic site (which none of the above are), this is always a resounding NO.
    How Will You Advertise: Say that you’ll be using PPC and Social traffic to drive
     traffic to offers.
    Other Networks You Work With: You can list two or three of the above
     networks that you are not already a part of, but make note of which you say.
     Also, some networks may ask for proof (i.e. screenshots, etc). So
    What Are Your Average Earnings: If you have none yet, say you are starting out
     and just started advertising with the other networks. Say you have already
     started earning a few hundred dollars or something along those lines.
    How Long Have You Been Marketing: Be honest here.
    Referred From?: Simply say the Warrior Forum or something here.

That’s pretty much it. You may have a couple of more or less fields with different
networks, but these are the more important ones. Remember to note your answers so
you can remain consistent when on the phone. Part of ensuring this is being honest as
much as possible. You only need 1 or 2 networks to get started.

The Phone Call
Now that you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. This
e-mail should include information about the application process as well as a contact
phone number.

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This number is important as this is where you’ll be calling. Wait an hour or two after
you’ve applied then call the number and introduce yourself and tell them you are calling
about an application you submitted 1 or 2 hours ago.

You will then either be called back or continue the conversation right there. It will be
similar to your application. They will ask similar questions so be sure to be specific. Tell
them you are getting started with CPA marketing.

Tell them about any experience you have. If you have none, you can say you’ve done
some article marketing and adsense, etc. Simply say you’ve spent a couple months
doing that but didn’t really enjoy it much and you’ve always wanted to get into CPA
marketing and PPC, etc.

If you aren’t comfortable with this DO NOT SAY IT. Your hesitancy will be noticed, and
your application will be in jeopardy. Be yourself and be confident. The networks want
honest, hardworking, and trustworthy. Give them that, and you’re likely to get in.

Tips and Advice from the Front Lines
Ok, so there you have it. How to get into CPA networks. Don’t think of them as some
kind of Ivy League institution that is waiting to reject you. They want affiliates because
they want to make money. If you can convince them that you are a hard working,
trustworthy affiliate, your chances will skyrocket.

   1. Be confident. This shows through the phone. Be confident and they will be
      confident in you.
   2. Be as honest as possible.
   3. Note what you put in your application so you can be consistent with your phone
   4. Apply to MaxBounty and Peerfly first, they are the easiest. You can then list
      them as networks you are a member of on other applications.
   5. Tell them you will primarily direct link and not use landing pages (unless you have
      some landing pages you can show them).
   6. Check out the AffiliatePaying website ( for reviews on
      CPA Networks.

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   7. Check out OfferVault ( to find offers, where they are
      offered, and what their various payouts are. This can help if you want a specific
      offer, you will know which networks carry it.
   8. You can mention that you’ve done some PPC with AdWords, Bing, etc. and that
      you will be working with Facebook traffic primarily direct linking.

And so we come to the end of our guide. Getting into CPA networks is not like getting
into some secret society. Some are more strict than others, but in the end they all want
the same thing: affiliates who produce tons of quality traffic.

Go on and start your applications, again with MaxBounty, Peerfly, and Wolf Storm
Media first. Feel free to hit me up with any questions at

To Your Success,

Danny Schneiderman

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