12 way to make online profit by asdniche


									                     12 Steps to Making a Profit Online in 7 Days
These are 12 steps you can follow to start making money online. There is no guarantee you will make money.
These steps can be done in 7 days.

1. Choose a niche and put up a website.

2. Create a free ebook, guide, or find something else to give away.

3. Divide ebook into two sections. The first section you will give away without requiring a sign up to your
email list. The second section you will give away when someone signs up to your emil list. If you are using a
guide and it is not large enough to divide, create a second guide to give away when someone signs up.

4. Make sure both sections have something your audience will find valuable.

5. Inside the section you are giving away without requiring a sign up, advertise the section you are giving away
when someone signs up.

6. Create two squeeze pages.
       a. One should be just a squeeze page with the book you are giving away for signing up.
       b. The other should be a squeeze page with a link to the section that doesn’t require a sign up and the
sign up form for the section that requires signing up.

7. Create a resource page, sign up for affiliate programs, and do a write up about each product with a contextual
link to each affiliate.

8. Setup an email list on a site like Aweber and create an autoresponder sequence. Emails should be short, but
should contain valuable tips that interest your audience.

9. Every third email or so, include a suggestion to a tool on your resource page. Try to make the email tip
pertain to the tool. (Once this is setup or if you want to do it now, you can find some videos that will interest
your audience or teach about your affiliate offers and embed the video in a blog post or page on your site. Then
suggest the video to your list with a link to one of your affiliate offers below the video. It will convert better if
you write a summary of he video and include a contextual link to the affiliate offer)

10. Go to forums and community sites and give your ebook away. In the places where they allow you to put a
direct link to an optin squeeze page, send the traffic to the squeeze page that only has the section that requires
a sign up. For the sites that won’t allow you to send the traffic to an optin required page, send them to the free
section that doesn’t require an optin, but has the links to the other giveaway in it.

11. Take the section that doesn’t require an optin and publish it to as many places that have your target

12. Sign ups should be coming in by now. Keep tweaking the first part of your autoresponder sequence and
start adding new emails to the sequence so you can continue to engage your list on auto pilot. You also can
periodically create broadcast messages that you send out to your list that are not part of your sequence.


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