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									Internet Marketing - The New Scale Of Traditional Marketing

There have been many predictions that the Traditional Internet Marketing will disappear
next year in the field operators as the number of Internet users is growing dramatically
and Internet advertising services are achieved significant progress. According to the study
of Netindex in 2011, the Internet has become the most popular media, beyond print and
radio. Can see the future of online advertising has great potential. internet marketing tips

According to the tables on foreign markets, Internet Marketing, especially social services
network plays an important role in promoting the image of the business. According to the
1000 study, the largest firms in the U.S. business magazine's poll of the United States
focus on the ability to integrate social networking into their web site in order to assess
specific prospects energy.

As stated by Professor Stephen P.Bradley of Harvard, the young people will tend to seek
information on the Internet, while older ones have sought more information through
traditional media channels such as newspapers and TV. But this trend is likely to change
in coming years.

It could be shown that the Internet development, the business will pay more attention to
this Internet Marketing tool. But Internet Marketing materials that can replace traditional
marketing and become marketing tool to dominate. According to studies, "Federal Media
and Marketing Study 'of the Marketing Connection INC is in the newspaper advertising
has not gone away but tend to slow down. Read newspapers ratio fell from 40% (2011) to
35% (2012). internet marketing strategy

The Internet is not used is 79% (2009) and more than 40% of the population in major
cities is not using the Internet. These figures indicate that the need to reach this target
group, the newspaper will still strengthen its position in the advertising market in the near
future but these numbers can not deny the potential of Internet Marketing in the future. It
can be concluded that this will be the coordination period for Internet Marketing and
Traditional Marketing.

Recruitment needs for specialized internet marketing is growing rapidly but some people
really know about it yet. In times of economic constraints and internet marketing is the
key problem solving strategies for marketing.

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