Bombing by ewghwehws


									Border Incursion

                   S2 - 1
• The following report is received from borders
  at the crossing near Bitala: At 0430, three
  vehicles driving at high speed led by a large
  black luxury automobile crashed through the
  Macedonian customs barriers. Two vehicles,
  land-rover types, which appeared to be official
  Greek vehicles, were apparently in hot pursuit
  of the first car. Shots were exchanged by
  those fleeing, the pursuing vehicles occupants,
  and the border guards.
• The luxury, vehicle proceeded to Bitala, where
  it crashed into a large tree. One occupant died
  instantly, a second was injured, and the third
  fled on foot.                               S2 - 2
• The pursuing “Greek” vehicle tried to remove the
  injured man, but he was pinned in the front seat.
  They tried to open the trunk but were
  unsuccessful. Upon hearing the siren of the
  border guards car, which was belatedly in
  pursuit, they fled in both of their vehicles across
  a field.
• As of 6 a.m., there was no trace of the man who
  fled on foot or the two vehicles.
• When the trunk of the wrecked car was opened, a
  large quantity of narcotics was found.
                                               S2 - 3
• An unconfirmed report says one of the
  local Bitali citizens, a baker, was taken by
  the occupants of the two fleeing “land
  rovers” as a hostage for their “safe
  return.” This account is from the “town
  drunk,” who had fallen asleep in a byway,
  but was awakened by the commotion and
  claims to have heard the message
  delivered in broken Macedonian.

                                           S2 - 4

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