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					                                                                                            Jeroen Waning
                                                                                           August 2nd, 2012

VST Beat Maker – Digital Music Production Software
When you hear your favorite song on the radio or on your iPod, do you feel deep down inside that you
totally could have made it way cooler? Well, you are not alone. In fact, that is how many of the top
producers in the music industry got started. They began by checking out a free beat maker online, and
experimented with it to see what they could do. If you have still yet to uncover your true passion, music
is one great way to be creative. The good news is that you do not even have to be able to play an

However, most of us fear that getting into the audio production industry requires a considerable
investment of time and money. Yes, it does take a lot of time and effort, but you absolutely do not need
a lot of money to get started. Sure, most of the ultra famous producers and DJ's went to expensive
schools and have their own lavish recording studios, but it was not always like that for them, and it
doesn't necessarily have to be that way for you. Downloading a simple and free online beat maker
program is certainly one way to get started and see whether you would like to spend more time on it.

With the power of today's computers and software capabilities, the necessity for large and expensive
hardware is diminishing. It is very feasible to create highly professional tracks using only your personal
computer, Mac or PC, and high quality music maker software. It has certainly been done before, and this
method is becoming much more popular as technology progresses. VST is the new technology that
brings an entire music studio onto your computer.

To make your own music using a beat maker can be quite rewarding. It is very satisfying to finally
complete an instrumental track using only your computer and music maker software, but it can actually
bring you a very respectable income if you are proactive and intelligent about how you go about
bringing these homemade tracks to the market. The internet is of course the absolute best place to start
because you don't need a lot of money to invest in marketing and advertising. You just need to be
hooked up with the right artist who has the same taste in music as you.

When you do have a solid beat maker software program, it opens up a world of possibilities to create
your very own rap, hip hop, techno, or any other electronic music that sounds great and is unique. The
problem is that it can be intimidating to learn, but that is why it is essential to start with the right beat
maker application the first time. Using free online beat makers is really a waste of time if you wish to
become an audio engineering professional.
                                                                                        Jeroen Waning
                                                                                       August 2nd, 2012

After you have produced your track in the digital music production software, it is essential to take
advantage of the power of the online marketplace and word-of-mouth social media marketing to bring
your product to the right clients without spending an arm and a leg. A popular and free way to begin is
to utilize social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, but you really need a website. Creating a website
for sharing your song made with a beat maker is not as difficult as many think. You can start by setting
up a free and extremely simple blog, with services like Blogger and WordPress, and offer a short sample
of your track for download or to listen to.

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