CE Conformity Declaration by hirudov


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									               CE CONFORMITY DECLARATION

Essilor Austria GmbH,
represented by A. Sedlak
IZ NÖ-Süd, Straße 7/58C
A-2355 Wiener Neudorf

Essilor Austria GmbH declares that all ophthalmic spectacle lenses are
complying with the provisions of:

     93/42/EEC Directive relating to class I medical devices,
     EN ISO 14889 «Ophthalmic optics – Spectacle Lenses –
     Fundamental requirements for uncut finished lenses»
     EN ISO 8980/1 «Uncut finished spectacle lenses – Specification for
     single-vision and multifocal lenses»
     EN ISO 8980/2 «Uncut finished spectacle lenses – Specification for
     progressive power lenses»
     EN ISO 8980/3 «Ophthalmic optics – Uncut finished spectacle lenses
     – Transmittance specification and test methods»

                                    Wiener Neudorf, the 01st June 2007

                                      Andrea Sedlak
                                      Quality Manager
                                      Medical devices vigilance system

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