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									                Cancer Isn't Fair, But You Can Fight It Using This Advice

                                                   No one says "I hope I get cancer," but once
                                                  you have it, you can do certain things to cope
                                                  with it effectively. Use the tips and
                                                  suggestions in the following article to get as
much information as you can about coping with cancer and advice you can use to apply to your
everyday life.

Many people know that wild salmon is both healthy and delicious. Salmon also has a low mercury
content and is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids which can help to prevent some cancers. A few
portions of this delicious fish each week can help keep your body cancer-free.

You could look around for well-rounded suggestions. When someone you care
about has cancer, let them know that you love them. Even if you work to show that you love them,
sometimes, they need to hear it out loud. This is a helpful way to affirm your feelings.

Always be ready for a battle. Remember what you are fighting for - your life. Never accept less
than a victory when fighting cancer, and you might be surprised by how much your resilience
affects and aids your battle.

Maintain a policy of honesty regarding your diagnosis with friends and family. Hiding your
condition will just make you feel even more alone, removing your support system and making your
health suffer. You and your family can build strong bonds during this time if you allow total honesty
and open communication to occur.

It is very important that you have a large support system of friends and family and also cancer
health professionals. People like your oncologist, nurses and other people with cancer will become
part of your life and will bring much needed friendship and support during this difficult time.
Graciously allow these people to help you, because you can't face cancer alone.

While some screenings reveal if cancer is already there, others help to prevent cancer. Time can
more quickly and it is vital that you attend all the tests and screening that you can.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle can make dealing with a difficult cancer diagnosis easier. A
healthy lifestyle means eating a nutritious and balanced diet, staying well rested, and exercising
regularly. If you treat your body well, you will have more energy and strength to ward off the
effects of cancer. This also will make it easier for you to recover after completing treatment.

Make sure you are sleeping a minimum of eight hours each night. You can feel very tired and
stressed from cancer treatments. Getting a good nights sleep can help your body to heal faster,
and can make you more mentally prepared to face the next day with a positive attitude. If it
becomes necessary, keep a schedule where you could rest during the day.

Some people may have old-fashioned ideas about cancer and its effects. While cancer does not
necessarily keep you from working, and isn't passed from person to person, many people believe
that it does. Try to be open and honest.

Regular exercise can help prevent cancer from developing in your body. Exercise will bring your
heart rate up and help keep your cardiovascular system in good health. When you do this you
actually lower your chances of developing cancer by cleansing out your system and keeping your
body healthy.

If you have cancer, you should make sure that your bedroom has some audio visual equipment in
it. For example, hook up a television if you have not had one in your room before. You are likely
going to spend many hours in bed during treatment. You may find that the time passes more
quickly if you can watch TV in bed.

Never be afraid of the fight. Remember what you are fighting for and do not make any
concessions to the disease.

Early detection of prostate cancer is essential for a man's health. Men should schedule
appointments to get prostate exams on a yearly basis. Due to the fact that prostrate cancer takes
place inside the body, detecting symptoms during the initial stages of this cancer is nearly
impossible without physician assistance.

The way someone actually interacts with you may not meet your expectations for what would
happen when you asked for support. Be thankful for the support others are giving you.

If you're experiencing stomach upset while on cancer treatment and medication, discontinue
drinking coffee. Caffeine can cause discomfort and stomach problems in cancer patients, so
maybe it's time to switch to decaf. Try to avoid chocolate, soft drinks and other products that
contain caffeine too.

During treatments for cancer, it is wise to be vigilant about avoiding the chance of infection.
Frequently, cancer treatments will compromise your immune system, which means you are prone
to getting an infection.

Make it a priority to sit down and really listen to the feelings and concerns of anyone close to you
who has received a cancer diagnosis. Although this may be hard to do, your loved one will
appreciate the opportunity to talk through their feelings with someone who cares. This is a time to
avoid your own opinions and simply listen to their feelings and concerns.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep will help your body recover from the difficult cancer
treatments it is currently undergoing. Sleeping enough allows your body critical hours for recovery
and regeneration to counteract what the cancer treatment is doing to you. A minimum of seven
hours or more of sleep is needed each night, as well as one hour of sleep during the day.

You must not shy away from a little pain if you require a screening for breast cancer. This is
something that only lasts a few minutes. Screening procedures are designed to save your life by
catching a problem while it is still manageable. The possibility of experiencing a little discomfort
should be no reason to avoid periodic screening for cancer.

Whether you have had cancer for a day or a year, it's never a bad idea to sign up for a support
group devoted to cancer. At a support group, you'll have the chance to talk to others about the
ways they deal with their cancer. It is acceptable to take loved ones to the support group.

When it's needed, be sure to speak up about your situation. There are many myths concerning
cancer. Some people think it is contagious or that you can no longer function in the work place.
Know that these questions may arise and have an answer ready. This way, others who are around
you will be in a better position to support you during treatment, as their fears will have been

Information is not something you should take for granted. By looking into the details on your own,
you will be better prepared to face just what lies ahead. Cancer is among the most severe of
circumstances. Take in all the information in this article, and use it to help fight this horrendous

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